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Value and Cost

Discussion in 'Colubrids *General*' started by Knox, Jul 4, 2009.

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  1. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    I love snakes. I also love German Shepherds.

    I was pondering today whether or not I would pay close to $1,000 for either.

    I have always wanted a champion blood line Shepherd, just as I have always wanted an Eastern Indigo. I just don't think I would ever pay that much money for a dog OR a snake.

    What about you? Would you ever consider paying that much for a snake? What is your cutoff price point?

    Mine currently stands at $80 for a snake. FAR less than an Indigo. I might pay around $400 for a Shepherd, though.
  2. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I most certainly would and completely intend on doing so when I move. I actually plan on doing it a few times. lol Its funny you mentioned a Shepherd, since that is one of my purchases. I also want a couple of Pieds. ;)
  3. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    When my girls are grown and out of the house, I just might invest in both as well.

    If you get an Indigo, we expect lots of posts and pics!
  4. Kendalle

    Kendalle Elite Member

    I wouldn't pay that for either, one because I won't buy a snake, but I wouldn't pay that for a dog either, but I don't care for champion bloodlines either. I want to rescue. I don't really want to rescue a reptile though simply because I want a healthy one (if the rescue was than I would do it) and I don't have enough knowledge to rescue a reptile, the only one I feel familiar enough rescuing would be an iguana but I don't want two so I couldn't rescue an iguana either.

    I feel that if you don't have enough knowledge to know you can rehab an animal than don't do it. I don't have enough money for all the vet bills that some reptiles need in rehabbing either. Emergencies yes but not a long process of mouth rot or MBD
  5. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    The rationale behind "champion blood lines" in German Shepherds is their propensity for hip and attitude problems from back-yard breeders who are out to make a quick dollar and do not care about healthy genetics.

    If one pays for a German Shepherd from a reputable breeder, you are pretty much guaranteed a healthy, social animal.

    German Shepherds are unique animals, and the last thing you want (as with Rotties and Dobermans) is an animal that is genetically prone to physical and behavioural issues.

    Don't get me wrong - there is NOTHING wrong with your response. Just passing along the reason some people pay so much for certain things.

    Same goes for the Indigo. Some will say they are the most intelligent snake species and actually get to "know" their owner and look forward to coming out to play.

    I have never (yet) paid much for a dog, let alone a snake. But I don't think I would put it past me if I had the funds to spend.
  6. Kendalle

    Kendalle Elite Member

    I get ya! I rescued my dog that I have now, you may have read my posts about it not being able to walk due to genetically horrible hips. He is only 5 it would be nice to know some genetics before buying because I am sure that his parents had issues too.

    However, thinking like that, I probably wouldn't want to buy a pup that I knew would turn out like that by 5. But I wouldn't give cooper up for the world. So I am at a loss.
  7. Orca

    Orca Elite Member

    I'm with Kendalle on that one. I wouldn't do a grand for either. I'm also a huge supporter of adoptions. You can still get a pure bred Shepard from rescue organizations. I agree with you about not wanting to go to just any breeder, but I also know so many dogs need homes. Reptile rescues are not as common and therefore harder to get the species and morph you want. But that is a lot of money for one snake. If you paid less for a different snake, you could put that "extra" money in an amazing habitat for it and still have a very nice animal.
  8. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    There is no wrong answer here - you both bring up excellent points.

    Kendalle, you may say you are at a loss, but it doesn't sound like your dog is :)
  9. Kendalle

    Kendalle Elite Member

    Oh I am at a loss only to ideas. I didn't lose anything when adopting him. He is my babe. I would really like to adopt again (mom won't give him up and he should live on the farm he loves it there) but I am not sure if I can.
  10. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    No offense intended, I assure you.

    Anyone who adopts and truly takes care of the animals has my utmost respect.
  11. Murder Serpent

    Murder Serpent Elite Member

    I spent $900 for a young CB unrelated pair of arizona green rat snakes.

    They are by far my favorite snakes, great eaters & they like to move around late in the afternoon when I get home.

    I hope they successfully breed so I can make some money back.
  12. zaroba

    zaroba Elite Member

    I couldn't see myself paying 1k for a snake. but then, its not like I have that kind of money to spend on one either. but if I had enough money where I could spend 1k without it affecting anything, then my answer would most likely be different.

    so far, the most we have spent to buy a snake was for our 9ft albino burmese, he was $300 I think
  13. ShAn3

    ShAn3 Elite Member

    Urghhhhhh id pay 4 grand for a snake. Then again I'm obsessed with these creatures.
  14. MadDog

    MadDog Elite Member

    For an indigo snake, I would give my life savings. (Not that I have a life's savings) Unfortunately I can't own one.
  15. Wildflowernw

    Wildflowernw Elite Member

    I've had both rescues and purchases Dog and lizards, no snakes. The lizards I'm happy with. Rescued to purchases though I admit the only way to really get want you want it to purchase one.

    Now dogs I've had several bouts with rescues. I've had 4 and had to give up all four (over a 20 yr period) None had a recall, one Gorgeous German Shepherd "girl" must have been a cat eater. She'd see a cat and you didn't exist. Here I am on 15 acres and didn't dare let any of them run around even under my supervision.

    I finally got fed up and purchased a puppy. I call her, she comes. period, no questions asked. I put a solid year into that shepherd before I gave up. She was great on leash, off leash all bets were off.

    So my opinion is I don't have the time to fix someone elses problems. Why else would someone give up a great pet? Because they had some sort of problem. I will agree that the problems for the most part were caused by poor leadership.

    Anyhow, just rambling now. I admit I've spent a lot more that $1000 to get a horse. So I can understand why someone would spend that kind of cash on a pet.;)

    Take it easy, Linda
  16. ShAn3

    ShAn3 Elite Member

    Ive spent $500au on my carpet python. $600au on my cockatoo, so I guess I'm willing to pay 8 times that for a great snake
  17. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    I spent over $600.00 for an un-related pair of 100% het for pied ball pythons from Alan Bosch and it was the best way for me to ever have a chance to get a much sought after pied ball python in the future.
  18. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    If I had the slack in my budget, I would definitely drop it on a reptile. I'm not a dog person. As much as I'd like to eventually own some morphs, I'm not sure I ever will, because I kind of also want to have one of everything. I don't think I'll ever think I have too many as long as I can provide good care for them all, I wouldn't mind having 100.

    I better find me some rich single guy... lol.
  19. StiffyG123

    StiffyG123 Elite Member

    I know in Canada a champ blood line shep could go for $2000-$3000. I don't know about the Indigo.
  20. Kendalle

    Kendalle Elite Member

    I wouldn't pay 1000 for a dog but I don't plan on breeding or showing.

    I would pay 1000 for a horse however I don't plan on doing at least I don't know what my housing situation will be to allow me to do so. For Many Many Many years haha.

    I would pay 1000 for a parrot easy though, for my boyfriend as he loves them but I don't have 1000
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