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UVA Lighting

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by DragonGirl9130, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. DragonGirl9130

    DragonGirl9130 Active Member

    I'm having a problem with this whole lighting thing, so I tried to do some research over the internet and it just got me more confused.

    Does my CWD need UVA rays???
    and do all lights produce UVA rays or is it only the ones in the pet shop (basking light bulb) that produce them??

    Reason I'm asking is cause it is costing me almost $14 a basking bulb when I can get the same wattage of bulb in a hardware store for $8 for two heat bulbs...

    (I have to buy 2 basking bulbs cause I got one of those twin flood light systems hooked up as my power source- so draco has two basking areas, on one shelf I use a 100 Watt bulb and another shelf has a 50 Watt bulb for basking)

    Also I have a 5.0 Iguana UVB tube light, is that right- I read it is supposed to be a 10.0 UVB for a water dragon???
  2. Dominick

    Dominick Founding Member

    Re: UVA Lighting???

    Greetings Dragongirl9130-

    Yes, all light bulbs produce UVA. It's the part of the light spectrum we see and is essential to life. Only good quality bulbs produce UVB. It's essential to reptile life, but not so much for us, too much can harm us (think really bad sunburn). UVC is deadly harmful and is blocked by the Ozone layer in the atmosphere and is not, nor should be produced in artificial lighting.

    Check out this well-known and well-researched site. It will explain the difference in more detail:

    UV Lighting for Reptiles: What is Ultraviolet Light?

    Water dragons are diurnal basking lizards and need good quality UVA and UVB sources. Read the UVGuide site and learn how to achieve that for them.

    Good luck!
  3. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    Re: UVA Lighting???

    UVC is typically only used in those germicidal lights they make for sanitizing things like toilet seats, and traveling toothbrush cases. I'm sure you're familiar with the type.

    UVB is essential to people too, just in very small amounts - about a total of 30 minutes a week is all we need - most of us get that in the 2 minutes here and there walking to and from cars and home.

    UVA is found in most, if not all, visible wavelengths of light. Many reptile and pet supply stores will try to use it as an advertised feature, or a reason you should buy their bulb.

    If all you needed was UVA, the hardware store bulbs would provide it. Your CWD will benefit greatly from a good UVB bulb though, (which will also provide UVA) and those are a bit harder to find than the garden-variety lightbulb, though there are several outlets to look through, I personally recommend the Mega-Ray - they are a small investment, but one that is very worthwhile. I bought one for my CWD, and noticed a huge difference in under a week. My CWD is also a Rehab animal.
  4. DragonGirl9130

    DragonGirl9130 Active Member

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