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Uv Meter

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by Majrab1389, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Majrab1389

    Majrab1389 Member

    So I'm finally upgrading to 6'x4'x2' enclosures for my male and female water dragons.
    THe enclosures are PVC and only the top has screen for two 8.5 domes and a 24"x6" tube fixture, the rest is PVC as well.

    I am looking into buying a UV meter but don't know what one would best suit my needs.

    I need one that will give me the measurements of UV at different distances from the fixture itself as well as how much UV older bulbs are still putting out.
    The light fixture I have currently has two 12% Arcadia UV bulbs which might be a bit much (I think).
    ^^^ I heard that too much UV could be harmful or too direct making the water dragons not want to sit in the basking spots which wouldn't be good either.

    So I would like to check on the lighting before I put the water dragons in their enclosures.

    What meter would be best for me and where (in the US) would I be able to purchase them?
    Thank you!
  2. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi, long time no speak! ;) If you can`t get the meter from where I suggested hopefully another member can help.
    How are you housing the dragons at present?
  3. Majrab1389

    Majrab1389 Member

    I found a few sites that I would be able to buy the solar meter 6.2 from!
    Right now they are in a 75 gallon enclosure with a t5 bulb, a day bulb, and a 100watt CHE.
    I'm just building the custom background and then I will be putting everything into the new enclosure and later this year I'll be building the second enclosure.
  4. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Good! Can you put a few pics up of the current enclosure?
    I would also like to ask what you use as a basking bulb (or is that the CHE?) if yes, they are not at all suitable because they direct the heat all around rather than downwards.
  5. Majrab1389

    Majrab1389 Member

    The enclosure isn't finished but in the current enclosure I am using a CHE for basking. The current enclosure does not meet any standards so I'd rather not get reamed for it. I have tested a single 150watt CHE in the new enclosure and after an hour it only heated it about 3 degrees.

    my solarmeter 6.2 just arrived today and now I'm wondering how to read the numbers to know whats safe (can there to too much UV?)
  6. Majrab1389

    Majrab1389 Member

    I have just plugged in the CHEs (I have two 100w) into my herpstat and the temps are a little low but they are in fact reaching the bottom. The top temps are 88 degrees F and the bottom is 74.5 degrees F
    I will be purchasing the 150watts when, if not before, I move where the temps and humidity inside the house will be much lower.
    I also have a mistking system so humidity will not be an issue regardless of where I am living.

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