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Uroplatus Phantasticus..

Discussion in 'Lizards - General' started by Apoxiosis, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Apoxiosis

    Apoxiosis New Member

    ...or the Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko. I recently come across this species of gecko and it immediately struck me as straightup badass. My problem however is I live in Arkansas, and I have no idea where any gecko breeders are that are near me, and every website selling them that I've found, they cost $399+ for a pair. I was wondering if anyone lives around my area and knows where I can get one for a reasonable price?

    Thanks guys in advance!
  2. Pharoahound

    Pharoahound Elite Member

    You should look into reptile shows around you.
  3. cassicat4

    cassicat4 Subscribed User Premium Member

    The problem with Phants is that they're very difficult to purchase CB because they're very difficult to breed in captivity. I know of a few Phant breeders out of the States, and they've had very little success. Many eggs are produced, but few that are viable. Or the hatchlings die soon after hatching. Phants are sensitive, and not for the inexperienced keeper. Many do not adjust well to captivity.

    The cheapest Phants would be WC ones, in which case I would check with some of the major reptile suppliers in the States.

    If you are holding out for CB, you'll need to be prepared to pay the higher price.

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