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Urgent Beginner Help Please

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by TobyToiser, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. TobyToiser

    TobyToiser Member

    Hi guys, I'm expacting tomorrow a delivery of chinese water Dragon. Unfortunatelly I will have a proper enclosure next week friday, it was bit all done in Rush, but I have a question. Will the dragon be ok without UVB for short period of time? Meanwhile He Will be in EXO Terra fauna box with 8W EXO Terra heat mat. The company which Is working on enclosure emailed me, that I Will receive it it next friday. I would like to ask, how should I set the temperatures in the enclosure and if I'll need to have working through the night or wether the room temperature about 23 degrees will be sufficient And no other heating nessesary. I'll aswell like to ask, because I had a Snake which was temporary doing very well in same setup, wether the heatpad should be on lets say 1/3rd of the fauna box, so than he could have a place to cool Down aswell and what other advice and informations would You give me as to a beginner? Thank You in advance

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