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Updated pics of BB...

Discussion in 'African Fat-tailed Geckos' started by Dee, Feb 12, 2006.

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  1. Dee

    Dee Elite Member

    Well, here she is, six weeks old, getting huge, and changing colors with every shed...

    Some screaming orange coming in on her tail...

    ... and WHAT a tail!

    Perfect shot to see how big she's getting...

    And showing off her sweet personality!

    She's a real teddy bear, easy to handle, and just adorable. Thanks for looking!
  2. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    Aww she is gorgeous Dee!! Hehe what a cutie! :p
  3. venus

    venus Founding Member

    Wow, shes beautiful Dee...
  4. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    Awww...shes so cute!! :D
  5. Dee

    Dee Elite Member

    Thanks guys... knew it wouldn't be long before you three came along for a peek! ;)
  6. kenman1963

    kenman1963 Moderator

    She's incredible Dee,,,I love her eyes !!!!
  7. geckoguy14

    geckoguy14 Elite Member

    you really need to start breeding AFT's bigtime. you'd be great at it.
  8. Dee

    Dee Elite Member

    Ken -- LOL I love the white eyeliner!

    Adam -- LOL Thanks for the vote of confidence doll... Actually, we're already into it! For some reason we don't have as much luck with the AFT eggs as we do with the Leos; the general concensus is that they're more sensitive to incubation conditions. So far, we've lost three or four clutches, and only gotten one baby each from two other clutches (one hatched and died, the other didn't make it out of the egg.)

    We do, however, have several other eggs in the incubator; we already have two 100% het Amelanistic females, a 1.2 trio of (as far as we know) WCs, and a plan to purchase two Amel females to mate with our 100% het Amel male. One of our hets and one of our WCs are already producing for our male het, and the other two will be going in with him soon. Keep your fingers crossed; the eggs in the incubator now are looking good and sound.
  9. Moshpitrockchick

    Moshpitrockchick Subscribed User Premium Member

    She's looking cuter with each ned to stop it or i'm going to rush out and buy one!
  10. Dee

    Dee Elite Member

    Wait for a bit Lacey... Once the warm weather comes, you may be able to get one from us! ;) Got plans in the works here...
  11. Lyn'sSteve

    Lyn'sSteve Elite Member

    Great pics Dee!

    Very nice!

  12. Queen 'O Green

    Queen 'O Green Elite Member

    What a stunning tail! Wow!
  13. hippie05

    hippie05 Elite Member

    I sure hope My Aft babies come out that nice!
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