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Update on Green Tree Pythin Mr Biaky....

Discussion in 'Green Tree Pythons' started by TJOHNSON722, May 28, 2014.

  1. TJOHNSON722

    TJOHNSON722 Elite Member

    I changed Diablo ' name to Mr Biaky (play on words from karate kid). Lol.

    Anyways, lol, he ate again today. Just thought I would share some pictures of the little devil. (Seriously though he is meaner than any other snake I've had).... everytime I open the door he is striking at me.

    I was so worried about prolapses being so general in Gtp's that his first feeding I gave him a mouse pinkie. Under fed him, so this time I gave him a hopper the size of his body. I'm not 100% sure that's the standard as it is with other pythons and boids, but he has a buldge either way now. If it's not gone in a few days then I know I overfed him. Ughh....

    Here's pictures of our handsome man who is currently hanging out with a full belly. Enjoy.

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