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Undertank heaters recommendations

Discussion in 'Heating' started by rbl, Jun 24, 2005.

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  1. rbl

    rbl MacGyver in real life

    I need some help choosing the best undertank heating system for my gargoyle enclosure.
    I haven't used any before so I have no knowledge or experience. I only know that most should not have any contact with water, pads/mats don't come off once glued and cord/cables can break the bottom glass easily.
    I know some folks use only a spot lamp or CHE but I would like the main heat source to be in the bottom because I have some very low temps in my house during winter.

    The enclosure is an Exo-terra glass terrarium, 18" square base and 24" high.
    Gargoyles natural habitat are the New Caledonian maquis shrublands and forest borders, where the humidity ranges 70% to 80% all year long and temps range from a min. of 65F in winter to a max. of 82F in the summer, which I will do my best to recreate with live plants in a Jungle Mix + coco humus substrate plus some of Cody's tips for the top layer.

    I will keep my plants in pots under the substrate, as described in this thread (more precisely here), but the overall humidity will be very high so water contact will eventually happen.

    I saw this thermostat + heat cable combo, described as waterproof and capable of being submerged for heating an aquarium. It comes with suction cups so it doesn't touch the glass.
    Does anybody knows it?

    Besides this product, what would you recommend for the described scenario? I would prefer combos like this one or systems with integrated thermostat.

    Thanks! =)
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