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undertank heater

Discussion in 'Heating' started by Krazie4pets, Oct 10, 2004.

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  1. Krazie4pets

    Krazie4pets Active Member

    Hi I just upgraded my two female leopard geckos into a 20L gallon tank and I need to install a UTH. However, it states that we have to use the adhesive backing. But when I wash my tank the heater may get wet or the cord may get damaged and I was wondering if there's an easier way in connect the heater to the tank without using the adhersive backing.

    Thanks again,
    Anatasia Netieb
  2. furryscaly

    furryscaly Elite Member

    I just use heat pads, like people use for sore backs and stuff. You can get them at Walmart and places like that. They work just fine for me.
  3. MoLdYpOtAtOe

    MoLdYpOtAtOe Elite Member

    Are you afraid the stickyness will never come back if you take it off? The stickyness will last quite a long time. Even if you do take it off. There's always solutions if it won't come back on any ways. TAPE IT!
  4. Todd

    Todd Elite Member

    The sticky tape will last a long time. You could also supplement the heat pad by using heat resistant duct tape (silver metallic, not gray mesh). :)
  5. Krazie4pets

    Krazie4pets Active Member

    k thanks because i'm trying to avoid using the semi-permenant backing of the UTH. I already bought the heater and will read more on the backing later. Thanks to all and I'm going to find out if we have some heat resistant Duck (Delawarean lingo) tape :)
  6. Todd

    Todd Elite Member

    Home Depot or Lowes will have it in the plumbing/heating and cooling section. :)
  7. Krazie4pets

    Krazie4pets Active Member

    alright thanks Todd
  8. Toadie78

    Toadie78 Elite Member

    i just bought a ZooMed UTH and it says once its stuck and you remove it you void the warranty and possibly risk damaging the filaments in the UTH itself. Just thought i would let you know bout this.
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