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Uh Oh, Inexpensive Red Tail Boa in Need of Saving at My Local Petco

Discussion in 'Common/Red Tail Boa' started by Max713, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Max713

    Max713 Elite Member

    News, not sure if it's good or bad as I don't know the new owner, but she got bought today... at least she's out of the **** hole, too bad I'll go through the same thing with the next two snakes that will inhabit the cage...
  2. Dragonflies

    Dragonflies Banned User

    Personally I would think that a somewhat suspicious coincidence.
    Where's the next closest Petco? Perhaps it was moved.
  3. Max713

    Max713 Elite Member

    I thought the same thing... next Petco is ~15 miles away.
  4. HERPies

    HERPies Elite Member

    Petco doesn't know ****! I attended a reptile day at my local petco a while back, and their "reptile manager/expert" told a lady that a veiled chameleon would be a very easy, great starter lizard for her 8 year old daughter. The baby veiled was 3/4 of an inch! I think if you breathed on it, it would have died! He later told someone that boas will grow to the size of their enclosure, so if you want a small boa, keep it in a 40 breeder. Recommended feeding it less frequent to keep it small, "in the wild they will go 30 days or more between meals" true, if their isn't anything to eat! I almost slapped him. I didn't go as far as report everything to petco, but I should have. I think we should start a petition to get them to stop selling boas or any large species or require all associates to attend a training seminar on them
  5. jamesw

    jamesw Elite Member

    David, I was just curious why you are breeding normals? Do you have homes for them setup or are you keeping them all?
  6. cloadhol

    cloadhol Member

    I have a red tail that is only 2 months old and already a LOT bigger than that one is. I agree though a lot of pet stores do NOT take care of their reptiles properly, I recently went into a Pet-co to get a new CHE and they had 2 dead balls in the back of one of their cages!
  7. Max713

    Max713 Elite Member

    I hope you reported that... sick snakes is one thing, 2 dead ones in the back of an enclosure is a whole different level...

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