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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Logan, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Logan

    Logan Elite Member

    So... it finally happened. After living in the "super horrible" East Cleveland .. we had our first issue. We came home from work today to find a window slightly ajar.. as well as the door. Someone randomly decided to break in and take BOTH TVs. Left the power tools, laptop, and the bluray player...
  2. Logan

    Logan Elite Member

    Alllso forgot to mention Toothless and Spike were right a crossed from the door. Lights went off about 2 hrs before we got home. Kicked both lights on for a bit to warm everyone up. Fingers crossed neither caught their deaths...
  3. CourtneyAnn

    CourtneyAnn Elite Member

    That's horrid! You need a burm! I bet even a little corn would have scared them off, though! Hopefully they'll both be just fine.
  4. Logan

    Logan Elite Member

    Only time will tell. We're honestly thinking possibly our old roommate. The ONLY reason someone would clothes the porch door behind them is habit.. I reallllly doubt someone saw us carry it in in the dark thanksgiving night. And we still hadn't thrownthe box out, so its not like anyone would have seen that out there .

    We did just throw the box from the shop vac out ... BUT that was left behind ...
  5. Darkbird

    Darkbird Elite Member

    Bummer, I've been there myself. Thieves go for the stuff they can flip the quickest, and there's not too many things easier than a TV, especially since most people don't save the serial numbers somewhere. Your honestly lucky more wasn't taken. And dogs are the best thief deterrent, even a little dogs barking will keep them away. Too bad it's not an option for most people renting.
  6. Logan

    Logan Elite Member

    Yeeeeahhh... landlord says no pets that aren't in tanks or cages ... sooooo... :-\
  7. Logan

    Logan Elite Member

    However... we didn't plan on being here for very much longer. Even before this. We wanted to buy a house soon. Some of them around here are SUPER cheap. And even as a rehab, its fine at that price. Depending on the price, I have no problem paying the rent here and the mortgage on the house until any base repairs are done and its roughed out to livable.
  8. Darkbird

    Darkbird Elite Member

    Bathroom, kitchen, main bedroom, move in. Been there too, lol
  9. Logan

    Logan Elite Member

    Exaaaactly. Ha
  10. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    That sucks.

    Yeah, housing market is still very buyer friendly, but starting to go up again.

    My house is in never-ending renovations. We both hate the house, but fixing it is more practical than buying another house (which would inevitably have problems, too) so fix it we will.

    You can get a lot of used, leftover, etc building supplies at dirt cheap prices if you go to a ReStore (run by Habitat for Humanity). Hardware stores will donate overstock and discontinued items, etc. People will donate perfectly serviceable furniture, fixtures, etc that they discarded when the remodeled, stuff like that.
  11. Logan

    Logan Elite Member

    I love ReStores!!
  12. mayhmmaydn

    mayhmmaydn Elite Member

    glad toothless n spike weren't stolen then tossed.. How are they?

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