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Trying F/t

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by Kendalle, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. Kendalle

    Kendalle Elite Member

    I had a talk with my roommate (and read him replies from here! THANKS!!) and he wants to try frozen again since both times before we did things wrong, which means little gerbil may be safe.

    He also talked to my other roommate and told him that he talked to me wrong and my other roommate said that I always get into all the animal business of the house (which I do! no shame there) I know he was mad that I said something about his girlfriend's dog... and that is why he decided to make me mad with the gerbil. He still hasn't said anything to me and i don't expect him to apologize, but whatever, the gerbil is now safe in the other room (with the iguana and snake) in a big rubber maid container, and we get (have) to keep the gerbil if the snake doesn't end up eating it (hopefully).

    I don't mind taking care of the gerbil its cute (I am not attached I am not attached I am not attached.... yet). And will probably get it a friend if I end up keeping it.

    When do you think is the best time to feed it? should we wait a day, a week or what? it last ate a little less than 3 weeks ago (before it was used to every 3-4 weeks between feeding) and how big should the rat be? large mouse? small rat? the last one we got was a small rat which was about the size of a gerbil. and about the size of its girth+half.
  2. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    I think the size before is a good start. After it eats, if there is a bulge then you are good. If not you can up the prey next time. As to when to try feeding next... I'd let him settling in for a few more days, then give it another go.
  3. Kendalle

    Kendalle Elite Member

    OK good deal.
  4. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    try 5-10 days between offering food - I have a Ball Python that hasn't eaten since Christmas, and he's just fine.

    Since you are keeping the gerbil on, you can also use it's old bedding to scent the rat like a gerbil - that might help it make the conversion if it is used to gerbils. let the rat thaw in the bedding, and it will pick up some of the scent of the gerbil.

    There was a record of a ball python going 22 months without food (though that is by no means normal), and I know a few breeders who have gotten frustrated at snakes who did not eat for a year or more, so a few weeks is nothing to worry over.
  5. Kendalle

    Kendalle Elite Member

    Ok swell. Thanks.
  6. Kendalle

    Kendalle Elite Member

    Well, it happened, I am attached to the gerbil.. I was thinking to my self what would I name her while playing with her.. stupid stupid stupid. I asked her what would I name you little bugger so Little bugger stuck.

    on a good note though, my roommates other friends were all wanting the gerbil and he said he would keep her and I can name her little bugger. If frozen thawed doesn't work, he will get a different gerbil.
  7. 1melissa3

    1melissa3 Elite Member

    Good luck with not getting attached to the newest ones, as well! Some of us do. . . My kids love to see the snakes eat as much as my husband, but they also love to watch and name the "food" as we stock up the feeder tank. . . I am hoping that in time I can change his mind, as well. He is a very good, but stubborn man. . .;)
  8. angrykitten

    angrykitten Elite Member

    So pleased my little Sibilla has been taking her F/T with no problems so far...because what has happened to you would have for sure happened to me! When I first talked about getting a snake with my husband his first argument was: "Are you prepared to feed the snake live mice or kill them yourself?"...of course the answer was a big NO, but I have been lucky and dealing with frozen mice is no such a big deal. My 3 year old likes to watch when I feed Sibilla, but he said to me: "No, please mamma don't give Sibilla the little mouse!!". I explained him that it was already dead and that Sibilla needs to eat and this is what she he replied to me: "Give Sibilla a CAKE"!! This because he would like to live on cakes and cookies himself! :)
  9. Kendalle

    Kendalle Elite Member

    hehe, Yea, it is a hard lesson to learn at that age. I don't know how I would have dealt with it at at that age. I'm not sure I'm good with dealing with it at 21. Wait until he asks how the frozen ones die...
  10. angrykitten

    angrykitten Elite Member

    Well, it may sound harsh, but when he gave me that reply, I actually told him "Well, do you want to see how the chicken that you so much like to eat look like?" and showed him pictures of chicks on internet. He didn't really understand, which is fine, but I am for the truth. Kept simple at his age, but the truth.
  11. 1melissa3

    1melissa3 Elite Member

    :) definitely. My boys especially just goggle at the sight of the snakes eating, and honestly, my daughter is no different. My husband just isn't up to the challenge of changing the feeding habits yet, but it will come in time, I am confident that as we have to buy the bigger mice and (gulp) rats, he won't be so ready to subject the snakes to the aggressiveness of the rodents. The rats are definitely not as timid and enjoyable to collect as the baby mice. . . My kids are not the obstacle, and how funny is that?? My husband is the one that doesn't trust the f/t yet. As for telling him about how the chicken is done prior to being on his plate, he's just looking at me like "I" don't know the facts right. . . :) It's life's greatest entertainment, to be married. . . :)
  12. 1melissa3

    1melissa3 Elite Member

    Rather, to be married and functionable. . . :)
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