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Trigger Training A Sav?

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by Mrs.hayner, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Mrs.hayner

    Mrs.hayner Active Member

    Ok so I was wondering how dose this work? I think my girl was trained bye a noise because when she hears the sound of some things she's gets all excited starts opening her mouth flicking her tongue like no other. She all so dose this when she sees leather gloves. What do u think?
  2. dp428

    dp428 Established Member

    i tap the tongs together to get the attention of my sav and anything with food almost every animal or human for that matter will show interest. The gloves probably show that he is being taken out of given food as well and excites him.
  3. Mrs.hayner

    Mrs.hayner Active Member

    I guess that makes sense. Tho I don't take her out and when I do I don't use gloves. But I bet dude did. As for the plastic sound makes sense lol.

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