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Tree Frog Build Ideas

Discussion in 'General Construction' started by DwarvenChef, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. DwarvenChef

    DwarvenChef Elite Member

    I have been planning this build since my last failure with stock (over the counter) systems. I vowed never to get frogs again until I knew enough and built what I think is the perfect enclosure.


    What I want is a vertical tank (not as big as my shower stall builds :p) that I can set up a rain system in with enough space to have a small(ish) tree growing inside. I have not studied these trees to find a balance of durability and wet conditions. I'm wanting larger/sturdy body type frogs, whites, monky, milks, and the like. It's been a few years so I have forgotten many of the names but the images remain :p I just need to look them up and figure out what will be my focus.

    Build plan so far...

    at least 2 foot by 2 foot base re-enforced to handle the tree system as well as the pump/rain system. I just don't trust a glass Herp tank type tank to hold up. The base will be at least 1 foot high and made of wood with a glass "lid" being again 2x2 and at least 3 feet tall and again a re-enforced top area lid that holds the lighting and sprayers.

    Thinking of plexiglass sliding doors on the sides for total access inside while keeping the front glass solid. As well as being able to drill holes or something to adjust humidity if needed. I may end up with a full wood back wall if I think support will be needed or just as a privacy screen for the frogs just incase, but the sides will be clear for visual inspection.

    Lighting is in flux as I'm not sure about what species I want to end up with but I assume the weight will be about the same no matter what bulbs I use. I do not plan on moving with this system so I will be at my final resting place before I build this tank. My plan is to have this set up next to my computer so I can sit and watch my frogs all night :) My lizards don't like the light and movement of my nocturnal habits so I have them back and away from my computer.

    So far that is where I have left off. Moving every couple years has made this a tough one for me as I really want to set it up. Just past failures has me adamant about not messing it up again, these guys are not as hardy as my lizards and I hate to loose them over stupid mistakes.

    Thanks for listening to me semi rant about my frog issues :p I just need to get it out sometimes :)

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