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Discussion in 'Green Iguanas' started by CodyGalvan, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. CodyGalvan

    CodyGalvan Member

    OK my juvenile iguana does much better now as I handle him.. But he is still just a juvenile so he can easily get lost if I just let him do him... Will he ever just be trained to the point where he can just chill and sit with me while I watch TV or something and if their is what is the best way to train him to do that?.. If I let him chill he will for a bit then he gets curious and takes off to places that might be hard to get to him so I have to pick him back up.. If I want to chill with him I basically have to hold him the whole time.. Can somebody give me advice to how to train him to chill or what is the goal to get the. To do
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Do not allow the iguana to roam until it is comfortable with you. When you have to go chase him down you are undoing any progress you have made because you now take the resemblance of a predator. Keep him in your hands and under control.

    And there is a misconception about exactly what "training" an iguana means. It is not something that you can do the way you would a dog or a horse. All you are attempting to do is socialize the iguana to recognize that you are not a danger. And with some that takes quite a bit of time. In the end he will still do pretty much what he wants. He will just allow you to be part of it.

    As for him getting lost, I would suggest that you make a hip leash and make a habit of putting it on the ig everytime you take it out. This will familiarize him with the leash and whan the time comes that you are able to allow the ig some free time, the end of the leash sticking out will allow you to retrieve it.
    Reptile Hip Leash
  3. CodyGalvan

    CodyGalvan Member

    Thnx for the info

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