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Top Tips To Taming The Timid Tegu

Discussion in 'Tegu' started by ArmyMedic, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. ArmyMedic

    ArmyMedic Well-Known Member

    So I have done a lot of reading in these forums, and tons of other websites...and I have gathered some pretty decent ideas on how to tame your tegu...these are not all of them and really the point of making this post is to get some general tips that people have learned from ether personal experience or like myself from reading...
    These are some tips...feel free to correct me and add w.e you think is a good general way to tame them.

    *Never Feed in the cage.
    ~Leads to a huge mess as these guys don't always keep their food in there bowl.
    ~can lead to that's fed in the cage can get covered in the substrate and then eaten.
    ~Feeding them Outside of their cage can help stop cage aggression as they wont associate the cage as a place to eat.
    ~by taking the tegu out of the cage to feed them you have a daily positive event that your Tegu will associate with you.

    *Shirt trick
    ~This one is pretty simple, by having the tegu surrounded by your scent and realizing that nothing bad happens when he is around that smell, could lead to him not being so scared or timid when he is around you. It's all about the positive events.

    *Heat Lamp trick

    ~I saw this on YouTube...the poster got a heat lamp set it up next to the couch so that it was pointing at her lap..the Tegu would then be forced to lay on her lap in order to get heat..more positive events that the tegu will associate with you :)

    *Water Dish

    ~Fill his water dish when the tegu can clearly see that you are the reason that he is getting are the water god giver of water!

    *Hand Feeding

    ~This is a very debatable subject. I can see this being positive as long as you hand feeding him is not the only interaction that the tegu associates with you. this is similar to the water trick..if he knows that he has to be around you in order to eat I can't see why he would long as ur not starving him. (just my opinion I have no first hand with this idea)

    Proper/Daily handling

    ~I think most people know the proper way to pick up a tegu. and with daily holdings he will again see you as a positive experience. never pick him up from the top as this is not natural and can simulate being attacked.

    *The Escape

    ~I have seen this done in 2 different situations. In the Cage or in the bathtub
    ~By making you and your arm the only way to get out, you are making him have physical interaction by his own forcing..(sort of)

    These are all that I can think of...again if you think that something i wrote is not a good idea then feel free to say so and to also give your own tips.

    I hope this turns into a very informative Post
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  2. zymenaxic

    zymenaxic Member

    Those are all great ideas! I can't see any issue with a single one and, in fact, I've used several of them while taming down my Argentine b&w. I don't know if you'd want to include this, but a trick that my tegu helped me come up with is to settle him under my shirt while I watch TV (if he's small enough, that is!). I put him under my sweater or pull a blanket on top of me to keep him nice and warm, inundate him with my smell, offer a feeling of security through enclosure, and help him relax by removing light. When my guy was still pretty wild, it would only take him a few minutes to settle down and he'd either fall asleep or come out to explore. I used to pet him from under the shirt as well and after maybe the first five "sessions" he stopped that puffing/hissing action and seemed to enjoy it. Still does. I don't even need to put him under my shirt anymore but he likes to dig under by himself.
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  3. TheTwiggsMGW

    TheTwiggsMGW Member

    This is brilliant! I have to try this tonight after work. My little Columbian is a puffer.

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