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Tips For New Ball Python Please

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by michy21, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. michy21

    michy21 Active Member

    Hey everyone, me and my boyfriend bought a baby mojave BP over the weekend. His name is Barry, and he's amazing! (There's a picture :)) I used to own a leopard gecko so I'm familiar with reptiles (bp's and Leo's are not the same just saying that I know reptiles) anywho... before buying Barry I had done years of research and reading tons of articles and forums, going on yahoo even and looking at the ask questions... but I just wanted some tips from you guys. I know alot of you on this site have waaaay more experience than I do in this instance and I just wanted to know tips and tricks about all things ball pythons on for example like humidity, I've read on different sites humidity has to be anywhere from 55%to 75%... too much humidity however can lead to respiratory infection. THIS is why I need you guys to pass on your knowledge... please and thank you :) I would really appreciate it

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  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Ok first suggestion,....stay clear of Yahoo answers! The amount of total drivel on there is astounding!
    It might be easier for you to detail exactly how you are keeping the snake, with photos of the tank and we can fine tune it for you, rather than us trying to write a care sheet. ;)

    Which we have by the way!
    Ball Python | Herp Center
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  3. michy21

    michy21 Active Member

    Yeah, Yahoo can get a little loopy... The pictures are kind of crappy, I'll upload a better one when I get home, but as far as description. 20 gallon tank, under tank heater as well as a blue light heat bulb (my room tends to get really, really cold...), aspen shavings for substrate (it's like palish white color), 2 hides one on the warm side, and one on the cool side, and I have 2 water bowls too (I know I don't necessarily need both, but I have one on the hot side for the humidity. I also have something temporary covering the lid because I have been reading it helps keep in the humidity, and I also have the lid clamps so he doesn't escape

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  4. Monsignor

    Monsignor Member

    That looks like a nice setup for him, especially at that size for now. What are you covering the lid with? What is the current humidity in the tank/ how are you measuring? Analog hydrometers (needle in a dial) are inaccurate in my experience.
  5. michy21

    michy21 Active Member

    Right now I'm covering the lid with an empty laptop bag... I know that is a huge no, no! but I don't have the money right now to get a decent lid that is covered... temperature hovers between 80 and 85 and the humidity is way low at around 35 to 40 % I know that is mostly because of the lid... I'm using a thermometer/hygrometer (one of those together ones) but they are probes not with the needle and dial. I have the probes set up right about an inch off the floor that way I know they temperature without compromising the real read out.
  6. michy21

    michy21 Active Member

    Ok so, I bought some spaghum moss for Barry's tank, and I covered 60-75 percent of the lid with aluminum foil to hopefully keep in some humidity and it worked I also fed him for the first time :)

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