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Three Towed Box Turtle Hybernation Info

Discussion in 'Turtles' started by Reptohyppy, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Reptohyppy

    Reptohyppy New Member

    hello im new to the forms and i wanted to ask if anyone had any information on what i should do for box turtle care during hybernation. im not new to careing for these turtles but i do feel like there should be more i can do for them when they are inside, i have everything i need for them to be inside

    i have a heat lamp and a retile uvb lamp bulb, they have bedding in there tank and its a very very large tank its very nice its covered on all sides except the front because i like to see what they are doing. i keep a large dish in there to keep them watered (i change it daily) and i keep food in there (when they are awake i usually place the tray in there for them) i feed them a balanced diet of meal worms, crickets, various fruits and veggies, and often mushrooms (my concern is that they never eat anything during this time when they are supposed to be sleeping) i also keep a large tub in there deep enough for them to burrow if they please and keep it filled with soil i bought at the pet store that was glass free and dident have any kind of furtalizer or pestocides in it to keep them safe.

    my concerns are the following

    1.) they are not eating anything, is this normal or is it a sign of something wrong

    2.) they dont go in their water at all from what i have seen i only witnessed them in it once.

    3.) my tempeture in the reptile room is 80 (i have two tree frogs and a nice amount of toads in here aswell) and they seem happy

    4.) when they do wake up they usually mate and sleep again

    thats what i really wanna know so if anyone has that juicy info i would like a little guidance so i dont mistreat them at all.

    thank you lots of love yall

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