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Thoughts on Ones Thoughts on Owning Venomous Reptiles

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by snake21, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. snake21

    snake21 Member

    doing a school paper on being against owning venomous reptiles and I am looking for peoples thoughts on this topic..
    Feel free to say whatever it is you think about this topic.. thank you
  2. DwarvenChef

    DwarvenChef Elite Member

    Hot topic no matter what side your on. In the sector of keeping venomous species (Hots) there are controlled groups and random keepers.

    Having been down this road a few times I can say that I am NOT against keeping Hots, however I am for responsible (controlled) husbandry of Hots. These groups are for the most part self controlled, well educated, and dedicated to keeping Hots. By self control I mean these keepers use an apprenticeship system to educate new (interested) keepers. You would study and educate yourself in all aspects of care and safety. I'm all for this kind of keeper and have met many that I would feel safe being around their collections.

    The other side of the coin is the random keeper, the "Oh look what I caught" group. Many reptile enthusiasts fall prey to this kind of thinking. "I have kept reptiles for years, Hots are no problem for me", bad move. Unless you have thought up EVERY contingency of care as well as the "Oh Sh*t-Now what?" problems. Careless husbandry, earthquake/natural disaster, fire, nosy neighbors, and who knows what else, also when someone gets bit (someone ALWAYS get bit) do you know what to do and how to do it? 9 out of ten times the random keeper has no clue, and we all read about it the next day in the papers. And the noose closes tighter on us all...

    I have been down the random keeper path myself when I was young and immortal. I put my whole family in danger not to mention my immediate community as well. I had no plan other than "Don't get caught" which I promptly did :p This led me to looking into the practice of keeping Hots and an introduction to a local guy that would sit and discuss my interests in learning about keeping Hots. After talking to this fellow for a few hours it was agreed between us that I was not to keep anything venomous till I was cleared after a length of time as an apprentice. I had the utmost respect for this guy and being an immature kid as I was I never followed through with my training to the end. However I did leave with a new respect for keeping venomous reptiles.

    I am not against keeping venomous reptiles as long as it is done with the utmost respect. Loose that respect and someone somewhere will pay the price with their lives. And we of the reptile community will pay the price of higher regulations.
  3. CryHavoc17

    CryHavoc17 Elite Member


    I agree completely with the above post. I also dont have an issue with legislation that requires the kind of training he's talking about. I think that people should have the right to keep these animals if they know what they are doing. However, a complete free for all where anybody can keep them if they have the cash is a scary thing. I live in georgia (private hots are illegal) but spend a lot of time in south Carolina (hots are legal and unregulated). The south Carolina reptile shows are pretty horrifying. The hot vendors will sell to anyone who will pony up the cash, and they dont even make sure their buyers live in SC. If you've got a couple hundred bucks at those shows you can get anything from rattlesnakes to gaboon vipers, no questions asked. The show promoters try to keep tabs on them to prevent out of state sales, but they cant watch everything.

    Ive considered working with hots, but only if I could either do it as part of my education or as an apprentice under the right person.
  4. 54bogger

    54bogger Active Member

    I live in S.C and hope it never goes the way GA. has with it's rule's about owning hots.
    I was at the Columbia show july 12th and really enjoyed the fact that in S.C we have the oppurtunity
    to own hots of our choosing, it was a great show.

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