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This Site Saved My "Spike"!

Discussion in 'Chameleons' started by Colette, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. Colette

    Colette New Member

    I want to say thank you to the creators of this wonderful site!

    For a couple of weeks I was noticing that my almost one year old chameleon wasn't eating much, if anything. His eyes seemed to be closed most of the time too. I changed his food, thinking he's bored with the same old crickets, but still nothing. Finally he was on the front part of his screen cage and I could see his belly sunken in so much!!! I knew he was dying of starvation and this killed me. My hubby said I should see if there is anything on the internet that could help me, and sure enough, I found this wonderful forum.

    I began reading, and learning. I then took Spike (and cage) outside in the 85 degree weather so he could get the natural rays from the sun, and so I could keep spraying warm water on him to hydrate him. I put drops of water to his mouth and he began to open his mouth and let the water in. I sprayed his body over and over, and then I saw he had old shedding left on him (it turned milk white as it got wet) and then before I knew it, he started rubbing his eyes on a branch, and I was able to see his little pin-hole eyes once again!!

    The energy he showed was an amazing site to see and filled my heart. He started to hunt for food right away and was all over his cage!

    So for me, this forum saved my very much loved Spike, and for that, I thank you :)
  2. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    Its great that he was able to pull through. Chams are so fragile. Sounds like he could use a temperature tune up and a new UVB bulb. Be sure that where his UVB light is, that the holes in the mesh are greater than 1/4 inch, otherwise the much needed UVB won't be getting through like he needs. Sun is much stronger than any bulb, so for that the mesh isn't an issue.
  3. fire2225ems

    fire2225ems Subscribed User Premium Member

    Yay! Glad to hear Spike is on the road to recovery! We are here to help!
  4. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    Glad to hear Spike is "on the mend"! Dont hesitate to ask questions or post some pics ;)
  5. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    We are glad to hear that this site was able to assist you. That's why it's here. ;)

    As stated, post some pictures.
  6. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    These guys are the best! Glad you gleaned some great info from the good folks here at HC.
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