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Discussion in 'Pythons *General*' started by Typhanie, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. Typhanie

    Typhanie Elite Member

    CNN is running this video:

    Video - Breaking News Videos from

    The title of it is "Boy sleeps with python."

    The Description: "A 6-year-old boy curls up with 20-foot-long pet python in Kandal, Cambodia."

    But the video itself is just footage of the python and the kid crawling all over it, with background noise that the cameras picked up. There's no voice over to tell us the story of this family, or what the point they are trying to make with this video.

    What do you guys think of it? Are they trying to say it's a bad thing or a good thing? Did someone just fall asleep at the editing wheel with this, or did they mean it to be that way?

    I'm confused.

    (I do have to say that they show the boy laying on top of the snake, and he's just about the right size for a good meal...)
  2. DarkMagician207

    DarkMagician207 Elite Member

    i actually saw this on the news today, i forget which station though but it wasn't CNN. it was a very short clip where they basically just said that the boy and the snake were both 7 years old and the boy had the 16 foot snake since it was a baby, they pretty much grew up together. they keep it well fed and the snake takes the boy for "rides" which is what they were showing when the boy was laying on it and it was moving. maybe i can find it.
  3. DarkMagician207

    DarkMagician207 Elite Member

    well, looking it up real quick i didn't find the exact thing i saw or even from the right station but this was the main idea of it even though its really short.

    ABC News
  4. Ipanda

    Ipanda Elite Member

    Awe what a pretty Burm! I think that is awesome... Here in the USA, that wouldnt be culturally appropriate... unfortunatly... Its good to see children with a snake as a pet... If its feed and taken care of well, and the parents moniter the child playing with his snake, heck why not?! Id give that clip two thumbs up :D
  5. nicole

    nicole Elite Member

    okay i am not sure how I feel about this, other than the two of them curling up together for bedtime is pretty stupid, you cant tell me the parents watch that 24/7,,, they have to sleep sometime. Now, also that is a huge snake and really,,, what if it went after the child,, how many people would it take to pull that snake off the boy? Are there always enough people around to do that? Snakes that size have been known to kill very large adult men. Now after the snake struck and started constricting it wouldnt matter if they did get it off him,, the damage would be so great the boy would probably die from the complications. They also dont say anything about the snake having a cage or anything,,,, hmmmm

    Okay I figured out how I feel about it,,,,ignorance.
    They say it is well fed, thats nice,,, I have a snake here who is well fed and up to the day before yesterday has never struck at me, she actually connected and bit me. Prayer has always been a very mellow snake,, my point to that is,, you just never know, it can happen anytime. I dont think I would want to take that chance on my kids life.
  6. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    I'm sure the family has made a lot of money with the news coverage.
    Hopefully there won't be a part two where their cutting the snake open to retrieve their son.
    It's extremely risky... snakes are not dogs. They tolerate handling and interaction. But there would be no amount of people who could react quickly enough to save that boy's life if the snake were to bite and coil.
    It's dangerous to underestimate and project human qualities of "friendship" on a wild animal.
    Hopefully they will be granted "fool's luck" and nothing bad will ever happen. But if the snake someday reacts like the wild animal it is, it will pay for THEIR carelessness and stupidity with its life and that makes me angry.
  7. Typhanie

    Typhanie Elite Member

    I was actually thinking the same thing. It's definitely an interesting snake, and clearly used to and tolerant of people, but it's a wild animal. At some time or another, the boy may become a prey item to it.

    I just hope these people are taking some kind of precautions to prevent that. Perhaps they do have some sort of enclosure for it that we haven't seen. Maybe the news is exagerating the freedom of the snake to get reactions.

    It's nice to see a family interacting with a huge python with understanding and care, I just hope it doesn't become dangerous later on.
  8. DarkMagician207

    DarkMagician207 Elite Member

    i have no idea as far as the housing for the snake goes. the bit i found was alot shorter than the story i saw on the news the other morning and even that was alot shorter than the clip Typhanie posted. there wasn't a whole heck of alot on it and i had a hard time finding what i posted. infact, in the news report i saw in the morning it didn't say anything about the boy actually sleeping with the snake so who really knows where it goes at night.

    i too hope that things go well for them all, snake included. there might be more to it but without understanding the language i have no clue.
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