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Think My Iguana Just Had a "nightmare"?

Discussion in 'Green Iguanas' started by hcfwesker, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. hcfwesker

    hcfwesker Elite Member

    I haven't been around these parts lately, seeing as everything has been smooth for me and Krycek. Tonight was pretty freaky though. His lights go out every night at exactly 8pm (they're timed). I have all the proper lighting, heat, living space, diet, etc. So tonight at about 2.5 gours after his bedtime, I heard a loud bang where his terrarium is set up. Then it gets worse where I hear loud thrashing. I go inside and turn on the room light where he stays, and he's just mindlessly jumping from wall to wall scrambling to get out of the enclosure.

    I do let him out daily and he knows exactly where he can get out at. So I just calmly tried to talk to him as I grabbed his "exit branch" ( by that I mean a tree branch, yes disinfected, I set up so he can climb in and out on his own when it;'s time to come out) and I placed it in our normal spot. He didn't hesitate and immediately climbed down it, then started mindlessly running in all directions in the room til he somehow focused on me and climbed up my pants. From there he immediately stopped, but he wasn't calm. I could actually hear his exhausted breathing and where he clung to my pants leg I could feel him freezing, like ice cold. I keep the night temp at around 74 with a CHE and the temps checked out.

    Right now I got him much calmer, back in his terrarium. He was still cold when I put him in so I had no choice but to turn back his daytime lighting just to get him some bodyheat back; which right now he his huddled under his basking spot. I'm just gonna leave it on for about 20-30 minutes and try and turn them back off and see how it goes.

    Is this common? Or is there another explanation as to what could have caused this? We just had our seasonal change due to a tropical storm which did significantly drop the outdoor temperature. But I just don't see that having an effect like this, in a deep sleep and all of a sudden the urge the trash around wildly. Could it have been a nightmare or something? All joking aside, both myself and many of my friends do believe it's haunted where I live ... as crazy as some here may think that is, I haven't ruled that possibility out.
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Sometimes they just get startled by something. Who knows what goes on in their minds.

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