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Thermostat/heating Pad Help!

Discussion in 'Leopard Geckos' started by Natalie D., Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Natalie D.

    Natalie D. New Member

    Hey! I'm getting my Leo in a few months and I have the tank almost completely set up. The thing that I'm a little stuck up on is the heating and how to do it. I understand that you need a heating pad and a thermostat to help control the temperature, but can someone please explain the specifics involved in setting up/using these properly? I've heard that heating pads can be a risk for fire without a thermostat so I want to make sure I get it set up 100% safely.
    Also, recommending specific products that work together would be very helpful, as I have not ordered/purchased either of these things yet.
    Thank you in advance!
  2. AmityReptiles

    AmityReptiles Well Established Member

    I guess it depends on what you want, if you want to get a reptile heat mat, and a thermostat specifically made for heat mats that would probably be the simplest option. : Jump Start MTPRTC Digital Controller Thermostat For Heat Mats, Seed Germination, Reptiles and Brewing : Plant Germination Heating Mats : Patio, Lawn & Garden
    The way this works, is you plug the heat mat into it, and then plug it into the wall. Then you take the probe and attach it directly to the heat mat. The heat mat attaches to the bottom (or side sometimes) of the tank.
    Keep in mind that usually the temperature on the thermostat is just what temperature the heat mat is on direct contact, not necessarily the temp in the tank. So you will need a secondary thermometer or temp gun to get an accurate read of temperature.
  3. Natalie D.

    Natalie D. New Member

    Thank you! I figured it was simple but I am a first time reptile owner so I wanted to make sure I am doing it right :)

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