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The Biter is Acting Weird..

Discussion in 'Reticulated Pythons' started by wolfy, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. wolfy

    wolfy New Member

    little over a week ago I put up a post about my retic that bit me.. since then she's been acting odd or well, different than usual.

    in the past months I've had her, she has seemed to like the hot side of her tank (60gal for a three foot snake) but knows where her water dish is.

    so she has been in her water dish for the whole week. I take her out but she just kinda lays where I put her. I've taken her out to be held, she hasnt bit me, hissed at me, or really anything.. but shes not her active self and just lays there.

    I put her on the hot side but she slowly goes back to the water dish. she won't eat, and hardly moves, she recently shed so I know its not that. ive never had problems with her eating before.

    her tank is a little bit on the colder side by about 5 degrees than is recommended. but whenever i take her out she is as cold as ice.

    I just wonder why she seems almost the equivalent of peoples depression.

    thank you,
  2. Snakelings

    Snakelings Well-Known Member

    What kind of substrate is your snake on? It sounds like your snake is either impacted or constipated. If you are feeding on substrate and it has accidentally ingested some of the substrate, that can cause impaction. When was the last time your snake defecated?

    I recommend soaking your snake in a warm bath (about 85-90 degrees) for about 15 minutes. Usually a warm bath will help ease constipation/impaction and allow the snake to pass whatever is plugging her up.

    Another problem that you may have is mites. Check your snake over really good for them if you are unsure. Snakes soak themselves to kill mites.

    Also, what is your humidity? Snakes will often soak if their humidity is too low and they are dehydrated.

    Are you using an aerial heat bulb or an undertank heat pad? If you are using a heat bulb, what is the direct beam temperature (not the hot side ambient). Snakes will soak if they feel overheated and need to cool down.

    Her cold side ambient temperature needs to be 76-80 degrees.

    Hope some of this helps you figure it out. :)

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