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Texas Spiny Lizard

Discussion in 'Lizards - General' started by joshua c williams, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. Hi,

    Okay so I am new to this so bare with me.

    I have found a young Texas Spiny Lizard in my office in Ft Worth TX. He/she is very weak not really moving and is having a bad/hard shed. I do not want it to die and want to know the next steps to get this little guy back on his feet. Did my search to see how to care for it and have most the items at home I need. Did have the wife bring some mealworms up but it has no desire to eat. When found it was covered in cobwebs and just laying there. I will attach a picture. Just any help would be great.


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  2. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi, are you at home now and is the lizard inside an enclosure, if yes, can you give details of the conditions and put a few photos up of the setup?
  3. At my son's ball game. Lizard is in an enclosure at my job. Going back there in about 30mins and will upload some pictures
  4. Here are some more pictures. Right now he is at my job. I will be taking it home to put it in a proper enclosure and lighting. Right now I have it in a box with paper towel and a paper towel roll to hide in. He/she does not really move until I try to turn it over on its back for a photo. It does not like it so I didn't do it since I am sure it is overly stressed.

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  5. I have a healthy super giant leopard gecko at my house, so I have a good idea how to take care of it once it's healthy but no idea what to do with it like this. Once I get home I will use the items I had for the anole I use to have until I get to the store to get more. The first photo is my Leo's enclosure. It will be like this but with the bulbs it needs and the tank is 35gals so bigger. Plus I will add more clutter and hiding spots. First step is to get this guy back on his feet, before I start to spend to much on things for the tank. I will use what I have for now. But if he makes it then I will make his rock wall and go from there.

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  6. AmityReptiles

    AmityReptiles Well Established Member

    First steps are getting it in an enclosure that meets all his needs (heat humidity uvb water dish) and is a low stress environment (plenty of hides/cover etc.).
    Don't even try to feed or handle until he is acclimated to his new environment.
  7. Okay I will be off work in like an hour. Once home I will get every setup with what I have. I think that will be good to start until I get a chance to get to the store. All the items I have were for a green anole and a brown anole. They have pretty much them same setup from what I have read. So it should be okay. Right now he is very weak does not open it's eyes. Any other tips would be great.
  8. AmityReptiles

    AmityReptiles Well Established Member

    The perceived weakness and closed eyes is likely a stress response. Give him a perfect comfortable environment and he should come out of it and eat for you. Just give it atleast a few days.
  9. ktln89

    ktln89 New Member

    Help I found a Texas spiny today around noon, I think he/she not sure yet was basking on the warm packed mud where I normally park and when I pulled in I scared it (Friday as the kids named it). Friday seems very weak and is obviously injured, the tail is almost completely gone and it did not try to run when I went to pick it up. I'm not sure how to care for a lost tail and understand that the humidity is going to need to be pretty high being that we are from southern Texas Rio Grande Valley area, also that it will need many hiding places and places to climb in the enclosure and temps will need to match normal environment. I really don't want this Friday to die but don't know a lot about reptiles. Also we really want to release this guy once it seems back to normal health is there anything extra we should consider because its going to be released back
    IMG_0979.jpg IMG_0979.jpg

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