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Terrible~another Sad Rescue GRAPHIC PICS

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by missabrat, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. missabrat

    missabrat Elite Member

    We received a call today from a young man that found this poor guy in a neighbors yard.
    His mouth is severely infected, stuck shed on the first third of his body, eye caps are terribly stuck and dried.He is missing a spur and has what appears to be bite marks and the side of his head and neck.
    Seems to be in good body weight but very dehydrated.
    We will know more once he is cleaned up and sees the vet in the morning.
    He is currently resting at the rescue, soaking in a warm bath and getting fluids, antibiotics and TLC, for all the pain this poor guy is in he is very handleable and hopefully he makes a good comeback.

    We named him Moo Shu as he was found behind a Chinese restaurant

    I am terribly sad just looking through the pictures, this is an incredibly beautiful animal, the poor baby didn't deserve to be treated like this. While I was sitting with him on the car ride home, he just curled up in my lap with his head resting on my hand, like he knew he was being rescued. I would LOVE to find the previous owner!!!!

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  2. annaj328

    annaj328 Elite Member

    thats the saddest thing i'v ever seen, makes me hate ppl. humans suck
  3. Joy81

    Joy81 Elite Member

    Ugh, why are people so cruel? It would take 5 mins to drop him off at a rescue, instead he ends up like that. I hope he heals up all right.
  4. MMWC

    MMWC Elite Member

    It makes me so sad to see something like this. I would also LOVE to find the prevouis owner. Lets all pray that moo shu makes a great recovery. keep us posted.
  5. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    That is so terrible, my eyes just fill up just looking at the poor guy and think of the pain he has endured. I hope this guy is a fighter and I'll be thinking of him and saying a prayer for his rapid recovery.
  6. Lucysfriend

    Lucysfriend Elite Member

    My gosh the poor snake. But now you have it and now it has the best chance! Good luck and keep us posted. Keep up the great work that you do! :)
  7. LovetheBaruu

    LovetheBaruu Subscribed User Premium Member

    Poor baby! I bet he hopes to recover and have 5 min alone with the previous dip$#!*.
  8. hennisntacanibal

    hennisntacanibal Elite Member

    Oh man! That is so sad! I'm praying for a quick and complete recovery.
  9. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    Oh dear! He looks worse than the one we took in that had cigarette burns!

    I hope Karma catches up with the previous owner!

    I'm glad you guys got the snake - his chances are better off with you than anywhere else (especially behind a Chinese restaurant - he's lucky he's not in a soup!)
  10. purplemuffin

    purplemuffin Elite Member

    That is AWFUL!!! I'm so glad he is in better hands now!
  11. TitoAndKatt

    TitoAndKatt Elite Member

    Oh wow! Poor thing! What is the fuzz around the mouth? I know that you said it is infected, but is the black furry looking stuff some kind of mold, or what? Do you have any updated pics of him all soaked and cleaned up? I am glad that you guys took him! I would have been a little afraid to touch him without gloves to be honest - he looks so terrible I would not be surprised if he has some disease that could be contagious (to other herps or human even). Out of curiosity, you said that you picked him up in the car, do you sterilize things after picking up rescues, esp in that bad of condition (and how do you sterilize)? I really hope he gets better quickly, he is in good hands now! Please keep us posted!

    Good luck MooShu!
  12. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    Awesome rescue, Missabrat! I too, hope he recovers, it is doubtful his mouth will ever be the same, since it looks so deformed. I hate to sound like a suspicious person, but have you stopped to think that perhaps you have already met the previous owner? Maybe he is the one who called you? As a person who deals in rescues also, a lot of times the one who calls in is the guilty party, they claim they found it somewhere because they are afraid of the legal ramifications or they think they will get cussed out by the rescuers. I understand how you feel, and I am by no means condoning the abuse of animals, but at least Moo Shue is in MUCH better hands now.
  13. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I too hope this snake gets better. I also think David nailed it.

    My wife works at an animal hospital. This hospital is open 24 hours a day, year round. They see all sorts of emergencies. Just the other day we were discussing this very same issue.

    A dog had been brought in by a good samaritan. It had been hit by a car and was injured pretty bad. The samaritan said he found the dog on the road and grabbed it up. He also asked what would happen to the dog because if the owners didn't come for it he may be willing to adopt it. He left his information, as all good samaritans have to do as part of the drop off.

    He didn't know that the hospitals policy is to always check for an ID tag IN the animal using those scanners. Wouldn't you know it, the dog had one! Can you guess who the owner was? Yup, the good samaritan was actually the owner trying to get free vet care for his dog. He was caught in that instant, but many more just like him are not.

    Most "good samaritans" are actually the owner, or know the owner of the animal. I also think you spoke with the owner already.
  14. Lucysfriend

    Lucysfriend Elite Member

    That's so funny if you know what I mean I had that same thought but I didn't want to be too negative! LOL But the thought was there anyway.
    But you two probably nailed it. The important thing is it gets care but I would love karma to act very quickly myself. :mad:
  15. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    It almost looks like he was burned.
    Rich, Unfortunately that is so true, so what happened at the animal shelter? Did they confront this guy?
  16. missabrat

    missabrat Elite Member

    Very true, he may have been the owner, but we will never know, the main thing is to get the animal out of the hands of a person that would let them get like this. The fuzzy stuff around his mouth was hair and dirt. We sanitize ALL the time, using bleach, we go through a TON of the stuff, as well as vinegar.We do quarantine every new animal for 30 days, if they are in bad shape they are quarantined indefinitely. I will try to post pictures later, he is soaking right now, we have gotten the dirt and grime off his face, as well as the eye caps, he is in a fair amount of pain as expected, antibiotics and pain meds are being administered.
  17. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    He barely looked alive in the first pictures - you could have told me it was a carcass, and I would not have believed otherwise.

    Do you think he has a fair chance at survival? or is he kind of on a delicate chance right now?
  18. missabrat

    missabrat Elite Member

    It depends on the amount of infection, if we caught him in time he has a fair chance, right now we keep our fingers crossed, administer tlc and meds, keep him warm and clean.He is very tolerant of being handled, unless you go near his face of course.
  19. NowAndNever91

    NowAndNever91 Elite Member

    I'm glad that he is getting taken care of!
    I don't know how someone could have the heart to let an animal get in these kind of conditions! I hope that everything goes well with Moo Shoo! Good Job rescuing the little guy!
  20. TitoAndKatt

    TitoAndKatt Elite Member

    How did all of the fur and dirt get there I wonder? I imagine the dirt stuck to the fur and infected skin, but is the fur perhaps from a prey item or what? I mean snakes can't grow fur so it had to have become stuck on there somehow. Man, how do you go about bleaching a car? That sounds like fun! hahaha :p What a poor critter. I wish I could take him home with me too! I can't believe someone would do such a thing to an animal. It is disgusting human behavior. :mad: I hope that he recovers quickly and well.

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