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Terribillis (mint) Questions

Discussion in 'Poison Dart Frogs' started by Toerag, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. Toerag

    Toerag New Member

    (Just some background) I'm an old hobbyist, I have kept many different Snakes, Lizards, Bugs, and Amphibians.
    However, I have been out of the hobby for 7 years due to a terrible event at my home that lost my friends.

    Now I'm getting back, with a better income I am able to create homes that are less likely to fall victim to disaster.

    So to the point, I am creating a habitat for some Phyllobates Terribilis, Before I purchase any, I am making sure the terrarium is perfect, and not unlike an Aquarium I want to Cycle it, It will be a live terrarium.
    It is a 75 Gallon glass aquarium, turned on it's side with Plexiglas doors. Floor pace being 20" by 48"

    So here are my questions: Is there a good available soil that would allow a planted aquarium, but not introduce Chemicals and parasites?

    Springtails are sometimes introduced into these types of terrariums (Although possibly not for this application) to help clean, and crowd out unwanted mites etc.
    Has anyone tried this for Dart Frog enclosures?

    Are there known plants that might be poisonous or dangerous (Or is there a link).

    How do you go about dusting such small and fragile feeder insects? Rice Beetles, Springtails, and Fruit Flys for example.

    Am I right in believing I can -eventually- have up to 7 frogs in this enclosure?

    I have done a lot of reading on the Internet, however I prefer more direct information from people who might have had relevant experience.

    Has anyone purchased from Josh's Frogs?
    I usually go through lll reptiles, but Finding Mint Terribillis is difficult there.

    My ultimate hope is to create a "perfect" environment where reproduction -not feeding- can be accomplished without direct intervention. Whether that is possible or not I do not know.

    Thanks in advance.

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