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Temp Custom Ig Cage Work in Progress

Discussion in 'Enclosures' started by bword, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. LLoydene

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    I have fake rocks with holes drilled in them that cover mine so that they can not get to them at all. I run warm mist humidifiers all year round. $14.99 walmart. But I do not run them 24/7. They are set to turn on 1 hour after lights out and go back off 1 hour before lights on.. Because they run during the night hours the CHE is not functinal during the summer months but is during the winter months beings I live in Iowa and my house isn't that warm. Need it to help maintain good night temps. It takes several hours to dry everything in the cage back out, once off, which I need to help keep the mold process down. But untill it is completely dry humidity levels stay fairly decent.. I still have to pull any plastic plants out at least twice a year to clear the mold that tries it luck growing.:)


    Notice her sitting on top of that rock?? That is what Merlin was talking about.. You leave it open and they will use it..

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