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Temp And Set Up Questions

Discussion in 'Uromastyx' started by Rainbow, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Rainbow

    Rainbow Member

    I've been noticing varying advice on temps and set up-it's really been confusing to me and a little frustrating. Anyway, I have a baby uro in a brand new 40gal National Geographic tank (which I will
    keep him in until he's much bigger) that came with a uvb 26wt desertlamp/bulb and also basking bulb (100wt). I then also added in a 150 wt basking bulb. So right now the "cool" side has the uvb bulb over it and it stays at 83 degrees, and the hot side is getting up to 111.

    So I have three dome lights up there currently. I've had him 3 days now and he has been doing well. He sleeps from 5pm until 10 or 11am. (Is that normal?) when he is awake, he walks around, basks a bit, climbs the background rock a bit, and at times will sort of go back and forth scratching at the glass or just stand there and watch me (pic below) Ive seen him eat a few bits each day so far of endive.

    I'm wondering if the temps are ok for him. I read that when they are smaller like this that temps of 120-130 Are too much because their mass is so little.
    Any advice is appreciated but I'm
    Not able to buy a new tank so please don't suggest that. I've got to make this do.
    Another thing is I have more state I wanted to add but this was what I started with and I'm wondering if switching things around will mess with him getting adjusted and maybe I should wait until much later to move anything? Thank you!
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  2. Jsilverback64

    Jsilverback64 Established Member

    There are a few changes you should make. First. That substrate. What is that. He is really small to be on any particulate because of accidental ingestion. The uv should be on his basking spot and not at the cool side of the Viv. And he also should have at least 4 hides available
  3. Rainbow

    Rainbow Member

    He's on millet like he's been on previously at the reptile store. I've only heard good things about millet and they can and do eat it actually. I do know sand is BAD though. He has id say about 4 hides in those slate cracks which he uses daily-he's so small he fits right in the cracks and it works just perfectly! Maybe later I'll add new hides as he gets bigger. The uv light IS over his basking spot- it's the uvb that is on the cool side due to no more room on the other side of the top of the tank to put it. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Gaaaaaaaaaard

    Gaaaaaaaaaard Elite Member

    It will be ideal if you could set the lights up in a triangular shape. The basking bulb will give him heat but he needs to be able to receive direct UVB during his bask as well. The point of both heat and UVB is an attempt at simulated sunlight for a sun loving desert lizard. If there isn't enough room a mercury vapor(MVB) or metal halide bulb could be an option for you just be sure to read up on them first. I would seriously consider this as an option because the CFL UVBs don't have me convinced. I use Arcadia T5HO tube florescent bulbs but have used MVB before. There are also studies that suggest supplementing Calcium with D3 can eliminate the need for UVB, but I haven't followed up on that in quite some time.
    I can't say much in regard to the cracks as hides, they'll do as supplemental hides and hangouts but, in my opinion, it would be better to have at least one fully enclosed "hide" since. I only say this because Uro's live in burrows in the ground and deep inside rocky outcrops. He may, or may not like I said it's my opinion, benefit psychologically from having something closer to a burrow rather than something that would really only be used as escape from predators and a brief reprieve from the sun.
    The 40gal tank will be plenty of room for a long time. So long as you have the proper temperature gradients he'll be fine in that. If 111 is your ambient air temp on the hot side then it is WAY to high, hot side ambient should be low 90's. You are correct on the basking temp of 120+ being to high, I would say around 110 would be ok but he would do well with two or three options(easily achieved with a "stair" set-up under the lights). Cool side is ok. Your temps should drop to low/mid 70's at night and he'll need (if memory serves) about a 12-13 hour light cycle for spring summer and 10-11 in the winter (verify this).
    I have read things in the past that recommend millet as a substrate but I see it, at best, the better of a list of evils. He's still a baby and could, in theory, still become impacted on millet. I leave a bowl of it for mine and it's not uncommon to see undigested pieces of it in his stool. So a mouth full could pose an issue. I will always use non-ingestible (is that a word?) substrates for my Uro. An exo-terra sand mat is an affordable option as well as using slate tile. Uro's in the wild tend to avoid sand in favor of rocky outcrops and some posit that the lack of firm footing can lead to stress. Uro's do like to burrow (not possible in millet) so, in the future, a container of soil could be added for that.
    Not to sound preachy or anything. Just recommendations.

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