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Tarantula Molting Q

Discussion in 'Arachnids General' started by LoRno, Apr 22, 2005.

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  1. LoRno

    LoRno Active Member

    I just bought a Rose Hair not too long ago, about 1 month time flies lol and I think she's getting ready to molt, but I'm not positive and I've been looking for various places for help, websites, the pet store where I got her from (very helpful people) and then I found this place so I figured I'd give it a try. Her names Azrael and she's 6 months old..well 7 now I guess and like I said before I think she's getting ready to molt...This saturday will have been two weeks since she ate 12 crickets and then 2 the following day(Total of 14 crickets). After that she ate two crickets on Thursday(14th) ahd then on Sunday(17th) she went for a cricket, got it, but then let it go and wouldn't go after it again and it eventually died of poisons :D lol. My pet guy said by this Saturday she should have molted, and if not drop some crickets in. I'm just wondering if anyones ever had a similar issure where it took a long time for their Tarantula to molt. I'm kinda new to this whole Tarantula(hence the Rose Hair) thing too so I don't wanna hurt her and I wanna make sure she has a nice long life. Any comments and tips are more then welcome. Oh yeah, her Abdomen has like...kind of a dry spot? It's not a marking of kicking hairs, but it looks like...old skin? lol I dunno how to explain it.
  2. BrianS

    BrianS Elite Member

    They will sometimes fast for long periods. If it is gonna molt, the abdomen will usually get dark. It took my Rosey a couple months before she finally molted.
  3. furryscaly

    furryscaly Elite Member

    When a T's about to molt they flip over on their backs. When this happens, make sure you leave her alone, and remove any live crickets in the cage. Boosting the humidity may be a good idea too. Depending on the size of the crickets, you may be feeding her too much. I feed my Ts a few crickets a week, usually between 2 and 5 at the most.
  4. LoRno

    LoRno Active Member

    I know about the whole leaving em alone when they molt. I don't keep crickets in her thing anyways. I also forgot to mention that she's made a little patch of web in the corner of the Tank where she stays for most of the day and then when evening comes around she goes wherever.
  5. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    Tarantulas can go off their food for up to 4 weeks before a molt.. They will also go darker in colouration and can develop a bald spot on their abdomens. If you have tried her with food and she refused leave her a few days. if she still hasn't molted try her again with a cricket and if she doesn't take it leave her alone again.

    Adults will molt much less often than younger Ts, and it actually may just be that she is not hungry - 14 crickets in a couple of days is too much food for a T. They only require a few crickets per week, we feed one cricket or locust every 2-3 days, and occasionally offer a pinkie mouse/rat pup.

    If she is in molt, then as Matt said, when she actually molts she will turn on her back (see the T forum for a thread on T molting with pics of the process), when she will appear to have fallen on her back, don't be alarmed as it is a startling sight. Don't touch or go near the T while she is going through this process, and leave her alone for a week after - do not feed for a week as she needs time to allow her exoskeleton to harden.

    Welcome to the forum, and please post pics of your animals. :)
  6. LoRno

    LoRno Active Member

    I know 14 Crickets is a lot, but she kept eating them lol and I know about the Turning on their back sides lol..I read up on that way before hand and I'm glad I did otherwise I'd have cried lol. She hasn't really gotten darke persay...but then again mind you she does look a lot darker then most other Rose Hairs that I have seen. Speaking of going on their exactly is it that they go on their backs? And from which way do they get out of their old shell? And! How long should I wait before I take the molting out? Here's a pic(kind of a bad one) of the cutey

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  7. eper-ani

    eper-ani Elite Member

    RoseHairs are known o fast for LOOOOOOONG periods of time. The longest mine went was 4 months, seriously, and I offered her crickets once in a while but she would never eat. So far this year my rosie has only eaten 5 crickets. This usually freaks out new t keepers, thats why I dont recommend rosies for newbs. About 7 years ago when I got into the hobby of keeping t's, the rosie was my first tarantula and I kinda got scared because she would fast for long periods of time.

    Also listen to everyones advice here about not leaving crickets in when a t is molting. My advice for you is to offer a cricket just one in a while and If she doesn't eat it within a period of time, remove the cricket.
  8. Mr. T

    Mr. T Established Member

    i agree completely whith what hsa been said my first T was a rosea as well, they will fast for rediculous periods of time. mine wouldnt eat for about 4 months then would devour whatever it could then go on the same famoun. good luck!!
  9. steel rip

    steel rip Elite Member

    Hello and welcome to HC :D

    I have two G. Rosea and one eats like a horse and the other, well she hasnt eaten in months, well before her last molt... if I offer her a cricket she just kills it and webs it up, I have found them dangling in certain places of her viv..

    The dry patch you mentioned I know what you mean, one of mine has it now but its turning darker, molt will usually be in about a month or two, that will turn to a dark shiny bald spot before molting, most Ts dont kick their hairs before a molt so its quite difficult to tell the black shiny patch, but that will split and she will be reborn from there you will have a brand new T :D
  10. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    Lorno, when the T goes on its back to molt I'm not actually sure how it gets there :p But once it's there its skin will split on its abdomen and the new T will come out from that split in the skin. This process can usually take up to abour 24hours, and you can take the skin out as soon as the T is fully detached. Be careful not to touch the T though, at this stage it will probably curl up and be easily frightened as it is still very vulnerable. Here are some pics of our chile rose molting-
    in the first pic you can see it has flipped onto its back ready to molt.
    second you can see the tarantula (the T is the one on the right, skin on the left) coming out of its skin
    Third pic shows the view from the other side, where the T is the one with the white fangs, freshly molted.
    And last, the T is out of its skin - T on the left still on its back, skin on the right. The T turned back onto its front a short while later, after resting for a bit, and its exoskeleton hardened after about a week. Fascinating process.

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  11. LoRno

    LoRno Active Member

    Thanks for all your help. Here's a bit bette picture of her...Actually a few moments ago she didn't look too good :confused: :( I hear when a Taranutla is sick and/or dieing they're legs kinda curl up inwards...and hers were kinda curled up, but I dunno for sure, it might be my over worriedness kicking in again :(

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  12. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    Very pretty. Yes when a tarantula dies or is dying then it will curl its legs inwards and kind of shrivel up,. have you ever seen a dead house spider? However, if yours isn't still doing it then i'm sure she's fine - she could have been preening herself, webbing, drinking,.. i'm sure she's fine.
  13. LoRno

    LoRno Active Member

    She's not shrivled up anymore and what is preening herself? I've never heard that term before and can they drink without the water bowl? Also, I dropped a cricket and I need your guys' opinion on this. She doesn't automatically go for the cricket, I don't think I've ever seen her go straight for the thing. She waits till the thign gets close then goes for it. Same thing happened a few minutes ago except she didnt get it, cricket wondered off and then back again and she went for it but couldn't get it. Now the crickets in some corner trying to get out lol. Should I take the cricket out? Or is she just having trouble getting it. I won't keep it in there the whole day though :p. Also, how important is misting? My pet guy said to do it at least once a day for humidity purposes, making sure not to get her wet and how much should I be misting if I should be indeed misting? Just a few sprays(little) or get the subtrate darker in color (lots) and one more thing, How important is it to have decorations; ie wall paper, plants, rocks, habba huts lol. I had a plant(fake) in there and a habba but, but I don't think I like this habba hut thing, I could swear its kinda growing some kinda mold, so I took it out, I also took out the plant for now so all I got in it is the subtrate, T, and water dish.
  14. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    Ok, firstly by preening I mean cleaning herself,. they will move their pedipalps about and "preen" with their legs and pedipalps. She may have been drinking - I have seen ours sometimes with water from her fangs where she has gone to the water bowl and kept some water. More likely she was just preening though.

    Second, re. the cricket - if she wants it she will not miss it. If she looked like she went for it but missed it as you say, then she was probably attacking it to get it away rather than to eat. Leave it in a little while longer if you want and then take it out if she hasn't had it. They will often wait for the cricket to come to them rather than chase about after it, and she knows it's there, but if she doesn't take it soon then take it out. We sometimes leave a cricket in over night and if its not gone in the morning take it out.

    Re. misting - have you got a humidity gauge? - they require humidity of 50-80% depending on where you read. We don't see it necessary to mist daily as we have slightly moist soil as substrate and that keeps it as humid as it needs to be. If it appears to be quite dry in there though then by all means mist the enclosure or the soil a little, but don't get it really wet. If it is too wet then you will notice the T will climb the walls and sit high on any furniture you have in there all the time rather than walk on the floor. Never mist the T though - spraying a T with water is to the T like you are boxing its ears and it will not appreciate it. During times of molt though you do need to increase humidity a bit to make sure the T can molt properly.

    Re. cage furniture, for your T it isn't necessary to have lots of decor in there. The T won't appreciate any plants or such but if you want it to look nice for you then you can put them in out of personal preference. You might want to have some kind of bark or hide in there, where the T will likely want to go and hide when it's molting. Also a shallow water bowl with fresh water in. For Ts like indian ornamentals its necessary to have something like a branch or a high piece of bark in there as they are aboreal and like to climb, but your T won't use anything like that. Again if you want to deck out the tank for your visual wants then you can, but you really don't need to.

    We have our chile rose (the largest of our Ts at the moment) in a glass tank that measures about 12" x 8" x 8" (no bigger as a large enclosure can stress a T out). We have soil as substrate, about 4" deep, incase she wants to burrow, although chiles aren't burrowing Ts so she doesn't make burrows in the way that a cobalt blue T would. We have a piece of bark that she can go under or climb on top of, and a small shallow water bowl. Simple but providing all she needs. Something like a chile should not be housed in a high enclosure as they are not aboreal and if they fall from a height they can burst their abdomens often resulting in a fatality.

    Hope this helps.
  15. LoRno

    LoRno Active Member

    Well I don't think she was the time she wasn't really moving at all. Ok my tank right now is a uh...10 gallon with measures of 20x11x10, is that a bit too big? I do have a 5 gallon old fish tank(not in use ne more) that measures 12x8x5.5. So maybe her legs curled in was cause she's stressed :S?
  16. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    If they're not curled up anymore then i'm certain you don't have anything to worry about. She'll have been doing something only known to her :p

    How big is the T? She doesn't look fully grown in the picture, I think the smaller tank would be better, but I doubt she was curled up because she was stressed. She will be fine.
  17. LoRno

    LoRno Active Member

    Azrael is 7 months old and she's easily fits in my palm I don't know how big she is exactly :S, but I just got off the phone with the pet store that i bought her from and it seems the guy that sold me her is no longer there (the one that set me up with a 10 gallon :mad: ) so I think he kinda screwed me around a bit, but! I'm gonna go pick up a 5 gallon and then Ill have tanks of all szies (turns out that 5 i said I had is a 2 which is good for spiderlings which move ont ot he 5 when their older and then the 10 when they're big big) Wish me luck!
  18. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    Great, sounds good :) Don't get rid of the 10g as you may be able to use it when your T gets fully grown, or if you want to get another that grows even bigger! :D Always good to have spare tanks around, however we usually find that if we have one spare it isn't spare for long :p
  19. LoRno

    LoRno Active Member

    Well I got my 5 Gallon one now and Azraels just clinging to the walls cause she doesn't know where she is lol. It looks a lot more better (i know it's a bad sentence) for her, and I got a smaller habba hut. Here's another question. Lighting. I know Rose hairs are pretty hearty and don't need any special heating (unless you live in a very cold house for some strange reason) and room temp is good, but what about UV? I currently have a Full spectrum bulb, but I haven't gotten around to installing it just yet. I know you wouldn't leave it on constantly, but is it recommended or no?
  20. LoRno

    LoRno Active Member

    Also, Does anyone know anything(ie hertiness, handleable, living conditions) about Tiger Rumps, Brazlliian blacks, and costa rican's? The pet store just got some in stock, I hear the B.B. is one of the most docile T's around and make very good starter T's.
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