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Taking Turtle Outside

Discussion in 'Turtles' started by Jay1718, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. Jay1718

    Jay1718 Established Member

    The weekend is supposed to be really nice around here, I am wanting to take my turtle outside for some natural sun. I plan on setting up a kiddie pool in the back yard and letting him chill outside for a few hrs. I will be outside doing yard work and can keep an eye on him. Just wondering if the stress of being pulled from his tank is worth a few hrs in the sun.
  2. dp428

    dp428 Established Member

    I think it would be very beneficial to let your turtle get that natural vitamin D, I know my sav is a different lizard after he has gotten natural vitamin D super active and vision is much better too. But I would recommend putting him in an area that offers a couple hiding spots like some tree coverage and some stacked logs he can blend into or hide under.

    I haven't owned a turtle before though.
  3. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    How big is the turtle? Smaller ones would be at risk from birds of prey.
  4. Jay1718

    Jay1718 Established Member

    He is about 5.5 inches, I planned on laying some fencing over the pool just to be safe
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  5. Jay1718

    Jay1718 Established Member

    I planned on offering hides in the pool, I agree the natural sun is best for them. I'm planning on building him an outdoor retreat soon, something that looks nice in the yard and protects him from predators. That way I can put him outside anytime weather permits without having to stand guard.
    Thanks for the reply
  6. Darkbird

    Darkbird Elite Member

    Mine go outside as soon as the weather permits, and stay there until the cold returns. I would say it is definitely worth it if you can manage it and it doesn't put them off their feed.
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  7. Jay1718

    Jay1718 Established Member

    Bruno's day in the sun went great. He got aggravated with me checking the temps, but other than that he seemed to enjoy being outside

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