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Taking Home My Savannah Monitor on Sunday.

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by caslove416, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. caslove416

    caslove416 Member

    I am building his cage on saturday, and I an trying to get some idea's of how to do it. I know everyone says it has to be 8x4x4 but mine is going to be 6x4x4. I am planning on using plywood, but suggestions would be great as to go to treat it of if it would be good. Any help is much appreciated on overall care of this animal as I am kind of new to it, and did a lot of research but there are so many opinions on care out there. If anyone has a enclosure plan from their build that would be great.

    Thanks! Cassi
  2. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi Cassi, before we go any further can you give a few details of how you`re keeping the monitor now, and why you`ve decided the new enclosure will be 6 feet long instead of 8? Thanks!
  3. caslove416

    caslove416 Member

    He is still at the store I bought him at, untill sunday when I will have an enclosure for him. Its going to be 6 feet because that is what i have the room for right this second, but I will be moving soon and building an enclosure even bigger. This is just for now to get him out of the pet store because they are not properly taking care of him.
  4. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    O.k, the first thing is to read the caresheet here at the HC on Savannah monitors (near the top left on the home page), that gives enough info to get you going in the right direction.
    As far as the "box" itself, best to use a water based polyurethane varinsh to seal the plywood with, at least 3 or 4 coats (the oil based takes much longer to cure), and we discuss this in the guide as well as lining the base/sides up to the substrate level.
    After you`ve read the caresheet come back with some specific questions (and ask as many as you want)!
  5. AjaMichelle

    AjaMichelle Elite Member

    Here's the HC caresheet

    Savannah Monitor Caresheet (Varanus exanthematicus)

    See also
    Savannah Monitor Care Sheet

    You'll want to avoid Thompson's when choosing a sealant. I recommend using polyurethane Minwax, you'll want the satin finish. Most folks prefer the polycryclic satin finish Minwax because it's water based and cures more quickly than the oil based sealant. Other folks have used Dutch Boy as well. Those brands are tried and true.

    Have you given any thought to how you'll protect the wood from your sav?
  6. caslove416

    caslove416 Member

    OK thank you guys so much. And Aja, what do you mean protect the wood from the sav.. like I said I am very new to this. I had a baby sav about 4in big for a few weeks, but gave it to a friend because I moved out of state.
  7. Infernalis

    Infernalis Elite Member

    I had good success with dutch boy latex floor sealer. We painted on 5 coats of it, 3 hours between coats dry time.
  8. Infernalis

    Infernalis Elite Member

    They have sharp claws, they will dig up the wood.

    I used sheet aluminum, but that's a bit overkill.

    when you go after your lumber, there is plywood that has a white side, commonly used in bathrooms, the white side is lamenated with a very durable (I think it's metal, since it eats up saw blades in a hurry), if you get one sheet of that for the bottom, and build the enclosure with the white side facing up (inside the cage, not facing down toward the floor) monitor claws cannot scratch it up.
  9. bradyloach

    bradyloach Elite Member

    my sav wrecked the plexi glass already! but she comes out and lays with me! :D ill get a video! her name is cassie also! haha but goodluck on your sav
  10. SSThorn

    SSThorn Elite Member

    I vouch for the minwax as well. I used 3 layers.
  11. Rudiman

    Rudiman Elite Member

    Is Sunday lets see pics

  12. caslove416

    caslove416 Member

    Can anyone tell me if this is normal??? We brought him home on sunday.. he was roaming his new home, ate a little bit. Now he is under his hide been in the same place since monday night. Im really worried.. and like i said the pet store was not treating him right so could he be sick? Or is this a normal thing when they have a change in environment?
  13. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Most lizards will find a comfortable secure hidey-hole and stay in it for a few days until they are secure with their cage. You should definitely schedule a vet visit though for a full exam and take in a fecal sample to test for parasites.
  14. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi it`s pretty normal behaviour, they need time to fully acclimate to the enclosure, you should just be carrying out the necessary things like leaving food, clean water etc, no attempt at handling.
    I agree a faecal check would be a good idea.
    Can you put a few photos up (without disturbing the animal)?
  15. caslove416

    caslove416 Member

    Thank you guys so much for the info. I put some food in there last night and he was up and running. He went back into the hide after basking for a while and then this morning i woke up and he was on his basking spot.. still there hours later.
  16. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    See he is just getting settled in. Now when cleaning out the cage put a fecal sample in a ziploc and run it to the vet. If you can't go right away stick it in the freezer and take it as soon as you can.
  17. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi, the OP should NOT put the fecal sample in the freezer, it can simply be kept in the fridge overnight/weekend if necessary.
  18. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Agreed. Freezing ruptures cells and renders the sample useless.

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