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Suggestions Please on Getting 2 Cb Etb

Discussion in 'Emerald Tree Boa/Arboreal Boas' started by mercuryjwp, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. mercuryjwp

    mercuryjwp Active Member

    Im wanting to get 2 cb etbs. Ive looked on all the classifieds and the best deal I could find was reptile city wholesale where you can get 2 for $550 free shipping. Has anyone had any experience with them or know where to find a better deal?
  2. JohnR

    JohnR Member

    Yeah, that's cheap...makes me think WC or Farm, neither of which you want. Just found their site, looks like they only sell to pet stores.

    There are plenty of breeders out there. Facebook has a lot of groups now dedicated to ETB (Corallus Caninus).

    The biggest issue with Emeralds is that you don't know what they were being fed or how long they have had them when you get them from places like Reptile City or any other "store". Just look on Fauna/Kingsnake and you will see a LOT of Emeralds for sale, but the majority are either from wild caught or imported pregnant females. Neither of which would make a good choice. While cheap up front, you end up paying either with a dead snake or high vet bills in order to get them treated.

    Then, if you have other Emeralds, you could potentially infect them with the "regurging syndrome". This will wipe out your collection. Buy from a breeder and still quarantine!

    Get started by joining a Facebook group like Corallus & Arboreal Boa Keepers

    and/or The Green Tree Python And Emerald Tree Boa Group
  3. mercuryjwp

    mercuryjwp Active Member

    Thanks. Ill join the group. Yea they said as long as you spend over $500 then they will do wholesale prices. They claim to be CB also. I have a farm raised baby gtp I got from Underground Reptiles and it has been a great one. They have wild caught ETBs for $250 but im wanting one thats tame or a baby that I can attempt to tame for a good price.

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