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Sudan Plated Breeding?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GioDG, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. GioDG

    GioDG New Member

    So just a little back story to our situation: My boyfriend has a Sudan Plated lizard, I'm unsure of his subspecies. From our best estimate of sexing, he is a male, but it is always so difficult to tell. He is approximatemy 8 years old, and lives in a 90 gallon tank but with our ideas we are planning a DIY 6'x4' enclosure if decide to proceed.

    When my boyfriend first got him, he had no tail, the very sketchy pet store owner said he was impossible to handle so he shed his tail with his "previous owner" (though since, we have found out this pet store owner has had multiple complaints for negligence and poor care but that's besides the point).

    My boyfriend got him years before we met and when we moved in together, he gave his plated lots of space as he was still skittish and he feared he would make him shed his tail from the pet store owners warnings.

    Well over the years I was the pain in the butt for the lizard, being annoying, keeping my hands in his tank, trying to hand feed worms. Well at first he would tail whip me and run off, but as the years progressed he now will come up and actually ask to be pet and gives licks when you do. He has come a huge way in means of handling, and will crawl up my hand and try and get up my arm.

    I am planning on becoming a Vet Tech, as well as considering pursuing an education to a PhD in vet medicine if I do well in my first program. I love learning about new species and their natural as well as domestic care habits. Well when I went to search about the Sudan Plated I was met with very limited resources on knowledge about the species.

    My boyfriend already had the enclosure to the standards of the information he had received off of the internet and our boy seems to thrive but has long spoken of getting a friend or a mate for him. I have read they have very rarely actively bred in domestic settings.

    Personally I don't much believe in breeding unless for educational purposes or ensuring healthy lines within a species, but this little guys lack of information perplexes me so! I think we would like to get him a female to have as a friend but also for the potential to document any mating behaviours and possibly to document a domesticated breeding.

    If we were to have any offspring they would either be kept personally or donated to a place with professionals to research the species, as I believe this species is lacking a great deal of necessary information.

    If anyone has any information at all on breeding or mating habits of the Sudan Plated would be greatly appreciated. If we do get lucky enough to have the male and female willing to mate I want to be sure we know what we are doing, to the best of our abilities before we are in that situation.

    I know the information available is limited, I've done my fair share of googling but have found very little and hope perhaps others may have some info from experience or offline sources?

    Any breeding would not be for any form of financial gain, if any successful breeds occur the offspring will be kept personally or donated to an educational facility for humane research. This is not our family looking to make money off of my little buddy, but to learn more about him and his species.

    Please feel free share your experience with the Sudan Plated, I will try and get a clear picture of him uploaded and perhaps someone can help me identify if he is a subspecies. Thank you taking the time to read!

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