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Status of Caecilians

Discussion in 'Caecilians' started by GHall648, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. GHall648

    GHall648 Member

    Anyone currently keeping caecilians?
    Also, what is the current status of them. Last I heard a few years back was that they were going on the Cites list. However, the LPS that I moonlight at occasionally came up with some since then and now they are no where to be found.
    I currently have three in the aquatic area of my basilisk habitat. at least one female and possibly two males. I would love to add some more but can't locate them.
  2. AdamBomb

    AdamBomb Active Member

    My room mate had a Ceacilian and last I heard (this is purely hear say, dont wanna start rumors) they were being imported under the the alias of "rope fish" to avoid red tape because they are limited for import do to low populations in some areas. Here in Louisville I have not seen one for quite some time and some of our LPS's have a lot of exotics.

    Out of curiosity do your Ceacilians burrow away for weeks or months at a time? There were several occasions we thought ours was surely gone then would show up weeks later. That is til he escaped and we found him fossilized under the couch during spring cleaning. :( RIP Cecil
  3. GHall648

    GHall648 Member

    The three I have now are in the aquatic area of my basilisk habitat. It has a 12" rock wall in the back, a half stump on the right side. the only time I see them is when I feed them. I feed freeze dried krill and soon as it start to re-hydrate they are out looking for it. along with the three rope fish that are in there with them. I have switched to frozen since one of my basilisk likes krill also. ( hence my avatar) The frozen sinks fast and he does not go after it the way he does the floating dry stuff. I understand if they have the environment, they will come out of the water and burrow or feed for earthworms in moss etc, if its available. Thanks, for the reply.
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