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Start-up Breeders Looking For Some Advice

Discussion in 'Snakes - General' started by N0valynn, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. N0valynn

    N0valynn New Member

    My husband and I have kept snakes for several years now and would like to tackle breeding this season. We have 7 snakes and 2 geckos and each are in individual cages all over the house. We REALLY need to get some kind of compound cage system set up but when we look at our options we have lots of questions and we need an experienced friend's advice! What do you suggest for a stable, heated, stack-able compound?

    Also, we've noticed that breeders often use smaller cages than we've seen recommended for pets. How do you figure if a snake is too big for a tote? What is necessary to provide for these totes? Is a water bowl and a single hide enough? Where does the breeding world overlap with the ethics of it all?

    We've had people get on our case for even asking these kinds of questions so I'm a little nervous. We are just reptile lovers and need to find a better way to house them all in a single room... Any websites, additional forums, or helpful info you may be able to provide would be very appreciated. How did you get started?
  2. toddnbecka

    toddnbecka Well Established Member

    What species are you wanting to breed? Some are best paired up, others are best bred in groups, and a few species actually require multiple males for breeding to occur at all.
    As for totes, I keep smaller snakes in them, but personally I don't like to keep anything longer than 3-4' in even a large tote.
    Any enclosure should have a minimum of 2 hides, 1 on the warm end and 1 on the cooler end.
    I keep my baby snakes in shoebox tubs in racks.
    Mid-size colubrids in clear Sterilite tubs with a heat mat under one end. Mid-size boas and pythons in 3-4' aquariums, and larger/longer boas and pythons in stacked pvc and/or plywood enclosures. I built 5 4x2x2 plywoods myself, then started ordering pvc enclosures from Animal Plastics. I built some 3/4" pvc frame bases to raise the plywood/pvc stacks off the floor a bit. I have 1 plywood cage on the bottom, 2 T-10's stacked on top of that, the a couple larger tubs siting on a heat mat on the top of the stack. A herpstat 4 for each stack, and the 2 shoebox racks have Helix DBS 1000 t-stats to regulate them.

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