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Discussion in 'Tree Frogs' started by kissa92, May 13, 2018.

  1. kissa92

    kissa92 New Member


    I have set up a tank for my red eyed tree frogs and I am going to put springtales and isopods in my tank. This is my first time using microfauna in my tank, so I'm not sure if I'm going about taking care of them correctly.

    I bought cultures of both springtales and isopods from a local pet store and they told me to make small holes in the substrate and to hide the microfauna into the substrate, which I did. I've been putting some fish flakes and dried shrimp for microfauna to eat and I also had a bromeliad that died, so I buried it under the substrate for the microfauna to eat as it begins to break down.

    The springtales and isopods have been in the tank for a week and I only saw 1 springtale near the beginning of that week. Are there any ways to tell if the microfauna survived?
  2. T-Rection

    T-Rection Active Member

    depending on the amount of substrate in the tank you might not see a lot and that's totally normal. They don't always come to the top of the sub but that all depends on how damp it is, mine dont either. A good place to check is under any water dishes you have or any lard objects in the tank as they tend to hang out under stuff like that.

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