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Discussion in 'Amphibian - General' started by TeoSnow, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. TeoSnow

    TeoSnow Active Member

    I read in another post about getting springtails to help with eliminating waste in the tanks substrate. After searching the only thing I found said they are a good supplemental food source for the frogs and that they need to be fed pasta, etc. If I am feeding them, then are they actually digesting waste from the tank? I might just be reading it wrong, but any insight would be appreciated. Here's the product I found:
    Click to buy jumbo 32 oz temperate springtail (colombella) culture from Josh's Frogs. We also have wide ranges of springtails. Fast shipping. Excellent services - Josh's Frogs

    Are these what I want?
  2. Frognut

    Frognut Subscribed User Premium Member

    I'm sure they are the same thing I get from my local herp show, which he also sells as food sources. Springtails are also used to feed the tiny dart frogs and froglets that can't eat anything bigger. Since that website sells frogs, they are selling it as a food supplement.

    They are scavengers and will help eliminate the waste in your tanks with coco-earth substrate (which is typically used in frogs tanks).

    That was a good link - I would like to start a culture so I don't have to keep buying them. I sometimes let the soil in the tank go dry (not intentionally), and the springtails don't survive without the moisture. So I just buy more and add them to my tanks ---

    Long story, um... long... yes that is what you want...:"> :rolleyes: o:)
  3. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    I find them naturally by adding oak leaves to my monitor habitats.
    There always seems to be some eggs on there and they are quite prolific.
    I do the same thing and eliminate moisture when overpopulated.
  4. jeepguy

    jeepguy Elite Member

    That is where i started my cultures from. I use them in PDF tanks and the frogs eat them, but they also eat the dead plant matter and waste. they are a must for a tank to be self sufficient. We don't feed the ones in the tank just our stored cultures.

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