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Spider Ball Python?

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by furryscaly, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. furryscaly

    furryscaly Elite Member

    Hey guys. My girlfriend had a question she was gonna post, but apparently links are banned for newbs so she couldn't do what she needed to do, so I'm posting her question for her :) Anyhow, here it is. Anyone know what type of spider ball this is and how much he's worth?:

    "A local guy has this snake for sale and im interested but he needs to rehome it fast and hes just taking a best offer, im located in North Dakota, its not like a lot of people are going to know that its worth something or going to want to pay top dollar for a snake. So i think i could get away with offering some amount small at first?
    But im just not sure how small an amount...I saw on some sites that spiders were $200. But i dont know what kind of spider this is.
    Can anyone give me some info?
    IMG_0025.jpg "

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  2. purplemuffin

    purplemuffin Elite Member

    Looks like a regular spider bp to me. I like the pattern on his back end. I think 200 is about average for a spider, I could be wrong-try checking and search 'spider ball python' and see what you think. Of course remember often times you get what you pay for-morphs tend to have an 'average' price but also some extraordinary animals will sell for much higher(better genes, so people are willing to pay more) and some average/not so good animals will be super cheap(though their babies often end up looking sorta meh quality as well)

    I think that is a pretty nice spider, and if you like it go for it. First see if you can find info on the guy who bred the snake, make sure you aren't buying from someone who has sold many sick animals in the past. If he seems legit and you trust him and you like the snake, woohoo!

    Fair warning if you don't know. Spiders have neurological issues known as 'the spider wobble'.. Not all spiders show it, and not all that do have a problem, but it is possible your snake will show strange behavior when stressed/feeding! Most of the time the snake is perfectly healthy despite the wobble, though some very rare cases have it bad enough it has trouble eating. They can either grow out of it, keep it for life, or develop it with age. Just shows up at some point.

    I haven't checked spider prices in a while because I hadn't been planning
    on purchasing one! Good luck if you choose to go with this animal!
  3. furryscaly

    furryscaly Elite Member

    hey this is Adriane,
    Well I have a normal female ball right now, could i even produce anything fun by breeding these two? I mean the spider itself is a cool looking snake and i would enjoy it anyways but if i did want to breed it to my normal female, i wouldnt know the outcome.

    I think i will make an offer on him and see what the guy says, hes a breeder that has to get rid of all of his stock on sort notice, the spider was pretty much the only cool thing, besides a couple pastels and a het for albino, which het for albino would do me no good in ND lol
    Thanks for your reply purplemuff!
  4. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    If you bred the 2 that would produce a 50/50 mix of spiders and normals since the spider gene is dominant and not recessive. No hets will be produced from the breeding. You need to have at least one spider to produce more spiders as far as I am aware. You can however use the spider to help create other morphs if you invest in additional ball pythons. If you bred a spider to a super pastel you can create bumblebees.
  5. andys3ballpythons

    andys3ballpythons Elite Member

    actually, you can produce a bumble bee with a regular pastel, if its a super pastel it creates a higher end bee, honestly, if its male and not proven i have seen them go for $100-$150, if you want some cool morphs see if he will do a m/f pairing of the spider and a pastel, offer him say $250 if he can do this, and if they make bumble bees for you they average $500 each, hope this helps, i want to do the same prroject.
  6. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I said super pastel because that is what I own and intend on breeding to one of my spiders. lol Thanks for the correction though. :)

    This is my Super Pastel Female:


    This is her future partner:

  7. andys3ballpythons

    andys3ballpythons Elite Member

    beautiful snakes, i dont remember what exact morph it is when a super is bred, but i know its in the bee family, i think it may be the killer bee, the enchi pastel makes a beautifull stinger bee is what i believe its called
  8. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Yes, thats what it is called! A super x spider will make the Killer Bee! (I also have a pastel male which we may breed to the spider female.)

    The male pastel (not a super):


    This is the female spider:


    Here is a shot of both the male pastel and the female super pastel to show how different the 2 are:

  9. teach920

    teach920 Subscribed User Premium Member

    Beautiful snakes:)
  10. mues155

    mues155 Elite Member

    Hey this is Adriane on my own account...
    Well I read your posts and making some bumblebees would be frickin rockin!
    He actually was selling his whole set of breeders and he did have a proven breeder pastel female as well.
    So i sent him a new email and offered him $250 for both the spider male and pastel female. So we'll see what he says!
    Thanks for your help on this one guys!
  11. stormdas

    stormdas Well-Known Member

    Spider x super pastel will get you a killer bee

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  12. blueginger

    blueginger Elite Member

    Great photos guys.
  13. andys3ballpythons

    andys3ballpythons Elite Member

    just curious if you made a deal with him yet?
  14. mues155

    mues155 Elite Member

    I sent him an email last night but havnt heard anything back yet.
    He had someone supposedly interested in the whole collection and he would get back to me, that was like a week ago almost.
    We'll see if he emails me back. hope he does
  15. jeepguy

    jeepguy Elite Member

    A killer bee will not be produced from that pairing. You will produce 50% pastels ans 50% Bumble bees. A pastel x spider will produce 25% normals, 25% pastels, 25% spiders and 25% bumble bees. The way to get a killer bee is to breed a pastel to a pastel spider/ bumble bee. Which may yield a super pastel spider/ killer bee.
    Here is a good link into figuring all the morphs and percentages out.
    Genetic Wizard - World of Ball Pythons
  16. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Well THANKS Gary, you just rained all over my parade! lol I had high hopes for that super pastel and my spider and now I have to wait even longer. You know what, ignorance is bliss sometimes! lol
  17. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    But it at least saved you the waiting in anticipation for eggs to hatch only to be disappointed that they didn't produce what you intended.

    The glass is half full! LOL!
  18. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I know, I am simply busting his chops. lol I would have found out the disappointing news once I started researching the genetic possibilities. The snakes have a little ways to go so i haven't gotten that far yet. lol
  19. gapeachkatie

    gapeachkatie Elite Member

    Rich: I am officially jealous of how gorgeous your pastel and spider are!

    Adriane, I hope you hear something back soon. To me, that would a great addition to the family.
  20. mues155

    mues155 Elite Member

    Still havnt heard anything back from this guy...bleh Im thinking he either sold them already or for some reason didnt like my first offer and doesnt want to sell to me. Either way hes a sucky seller. :)
    So i had my boyfriend email him and ask him if the snakes still available lol! we'll see if he gets back to him or not. Ill be kinda mad if he does lol

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