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Some Nice Looking Pythons

Discussion in 'Snakes - General' started by ShAn3, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. ShAn3

    ShAn3 Elite Member

    Just thought I'd show you guys of some the sweet pythons commonly kept over here. My jaw dropped when I saw some of these.

    All from: Pilbara Pythons
    Stimson's Python






    South Western Carpet Python I'm actually looking into buying this little male. He's quite good patterned.


    Woma Pythons Planning on buying one in the future when i can upgrade my license, which is on the 3rd of January next year :D :D :D



    Sorry for so many pictures but im bored and they all looked fairly cool, I did not take any photo's being shown.

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  2. 1melissa3

    1melissa3 Elite Member

    Those are amazing pics! My kids will love those! Thanks for sharing them. =)
  3. wildheart

    wildheart Elite Member

    They are beautiful! :D

    On a side note: It is wonderful to see that you keep yourself busy with things like this instead of the 'wrong' stuff. I am proud of you, you are definitely a role model for your friends! By the time that you are in your twenties you will be a boffin in all fields and a leader in conservation.;)
  4. Orca

    Orca Elite Member

    Those are really pretty snakes. I love the jungle type markings on the carpet. And what is this license upgrade?

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