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Snakes in Alaska

Discussion in 'Corn Snakes' started by dshelden, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. dshelden

    dshelden Member

    Hello All,
    We are new to corn snakes and live in a bush community in Alaska. I have had snakes in the distant past but have never purchased one from a breeder or pet store. My 4 yo son has shown an interest that I would like to encourage with exposure... no field handling here. While reluctant to encourage pet store purchases (knowing the pitfalls), based on a short stay in Anchorage, we are motivated to consider a pet store snake. Shipping to the bush only adds more challenges. Have found some interesting looking snakes locally and welcome your educated opinions on what you all think I might be looking at. I realize purchasing from a breeder would give me more control over adult appearance. I am drawn more strongly to some normals and okeetee snakes. These first three pictures are a reddish hatching that is vigorous and confident.
    20140713_170947.jpg 20140713_171028.jpg 20140713_171155.jpg
    Aside from the red, the larger dark snake is in the last picture.

    more pics to follow in another post

    Please share your thoughts
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  2. dshelden

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    second hatchling
  3. dshelden

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