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Snake ID Please?

Discussion in 'Corn Snakes' started by Tas38, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Look at the picture of the milksnake. See how thick and robust the body is.
    The cornsnake is much more slender.
  2. Tas38

    Tas38 Elite Member

    So you still are of the opinion that I have a cornsnake here? I so want it to be so I can keep it but want to do the right thing by the snake.
  3. Ipanda

    Ipanda Elite Member

    I put a million bucks on its a corn snake... Mine looks JUST like that one(pic #1), coloring and all.

    I'm jealous, some lady in Maine had a 8ft retic show up in her washer, and now you have a corn snake crawl in through your heater vent... Jealous, jealous, jealous
  4. Panicking

    Panicking Active Member

    What a beauty! And he's sweet tempered? I would keep him for sure. Looks like an anerythristic corn in that photo, maybe even a ghost. So pretty:)
  5. Tas38

    Tas38 Elite Member

    Thanks all. I FEEL very lucky he/she showed up at my house my neighbor said lucky he/she chose us as she would have hit him/her with a shovel...otherwise she is a nice person. :-(
    So decision made! I will keep him/her!
    Know what? Just 2 months ago I was scared to death of snakes. One good thing that came out of working in a pet store got over that fast. Gee hope a Ball Python shows up next hehe
  6. Brewster320

    Brewster320 Elite Member

    I'm going to have to go against everybody here and say its an eastern milk snake. Looking at the face of the snake really is how to tell the difference between the two: as I've noticed eastern milks have red eyes with a black pupil but with your picture its hard to see that but they also have a band/stripe on their that comes from their cheek over their eyes and the front of the face which you can clearly see on your snake. (Although some corn have that too like mine). The one last thing is the shape of the head is different, its hard to explain but if you just compared them to next to each other you would notice right away.
    Here a picture of a eastern milk snake's face (top) compared to a corn snake's (bottom)
  7. Brewster320

    Brewster320 Elite Member

    I'd also like to add do not keep it with other snakes as easterns are extremely canibalistic and probably in your basement feeding on the other snakes down there as well as the mice.
  8. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    Hmm, Brewster could be right. This photo of an Eastern milksnake looks a lot like the one in your picture: I'm focusing on the body markings.
    You could let him go in your basement and hope he sticks around. You could set up a low tray with aspen shavings, a hide box, heating pad and water dish and let him go out and hunt for the mice himself. Although if you think he might go over to your neighbor's house to be killed with a shovel, he might have a longer life in captivity. Tough decision... if it's not illegal to keep him, you could consider it.
  9. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Can you give us a picture of the top of the snake's head,... as well as its belly?
  10. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    Can you get a few more up close photos of its head?
  11. Tas38

    Tas38 Elite Member

    Well. I had it confirmed. Payne was an Eastern Milksnake. The reptile person at Natural Resources said 100 percent sure. He is an at risk species here and she said I had to let him go.She let me take him home and I let him go back in the basement. Pretty cool guy I was bummed I had to let him go. Anyway it was best for him. The girl at NR said he was about 5 years old. I was so excited. Had a place all set up for him soooo...I went and bought a red albino cornsnake at a reptile place near here. :) He is a boy and about 8 inches long. I will post pics when he finishes his shed and gets cozy here. Very friendly guy though. I love him already.
  12. Tas38

    Tas38 Elite Member

    Oh yeah someone here said a million dollars if he wasn't a cornsnake. Where do I collect my cheque?? LOL. Kidding, he was very similar going by the picture I had posted. Pretty cool find.
  13. DragunzGirl

    DragunzGirl Active Member

    Oh wow, nice cornsnake there. I love those snakes; too bad I can't have one here. We can't have them as pets here in GA. :(
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