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Small Pinkies or Mice Pinkies? CANT FIND THEM ANYWHERE.

Discussion in 'Kingsnakes' started by nikkistorms, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. nikkistorms

    nikkistorms Elite Member

    EVERYBODY IS OUT!! Seriously, checked every pet store in my area. NO ONE has any more in stock. I am not super worried since the baby ate yesterday. BUT... I would like to be prepared... I have checked online at two different sites as well... Anyone have any idea where I can get some small pinkies, I think that is the best size...?
  2. Jlassiter

    Jlassiter Elite Member

    American Rodent is what I use.
    If you are willing to get a bunch and keep them in the freezer.
  3. nikkistorms

    nikkistorms Elite Member

    They are out of stock to What the heck is going on?!?
  4. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Looks like rodent pro won't have any until 28 Sept because of large demand. Maybe if there is an expo soon.

    Mice direct have pinkies but not small pinkies;
  5. nikkistorms

    nikkistorms Elite Member

    Yeah I guess because of all the expo's around this time of year, they are out... argh!
  6. Spyral

    Spyral Elite Member

  7. Swimmer522

    Swimmer522 Elite Member

    Well id say id send you some of mine, (no name had 10 babies) but i have no idea how to ship them
  8. VickiC

    VickiC Elite Member

    Yikes! Thanks for the warning. That would explain why the pet shop only the little bags of single pinkie mice left instead of the three packs that I usually buy when I stopped by to pick more up for the baby corn last week. Hopefully they still have some left this week. If that's all that they have again I'll have to be sure to grab a few of them this time instead of waiting for the three packs to be back in stock.

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