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Slow Feeding Response ?

Discussion in 'Boas *General*' started by TDR, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. TDR

    TDR Active Member

    Ok so I have a 6 year old Male Salmon boa and the vet said he is healthy as can be . I brought him at the recent expo and they said he was bred 2x and has been eating f/t his whole life every 2 weeks . My problem is , everytime I feed him he doesn't seem interested AT ALL . Almost seems like he's thinking " ugh here we go again " lol . We dangle the rat over him for almost 30 mins sometimes b4 he actually eats it . I mean sometimes he will jus be nose to nose with it for 20 mins straight and others he will jus completely ignore it . Once he even took it in his mouth out the tongs placed it down and slithered away -_- . My other boa is great once we open the top of her feeding tank it's over within te next 5 mins . But he for some reason doesn't seem interested . He's turned down 3 rats already and has only eaten 3x since I've got him . He recently finished shedding so didn't eat for 3 weeks going on the 4th so I was thinking he'd be starving and looking forward to the food but nope I was almost thinking he wouldn't eat today either for a minute . He finally just took it out of the tongs super slowly and ate it super slow but jus looked miserable . Idk I just feel like he shouldn't take so long to eat . Other snakes or videos I see snatch em up quick . He seems so uninterested . Any ideas ?
  2. diehardislanders

    diehardislanders Elite Member

    How often are you trrying to feed and what are your temps like? My snakes do not get fed until their activity tells me that they are hungry. Sometimes it is only 5 days between meals, sometimes as much as 16 but ussually in the 7-10 day range. Point is that snakes can go a while without food and have very specific patterns and behaviours that you can figure out. For instance, generally, my snakes will eat, and spend that night out sometimes still in feeding mode. By the next morning they dissappear and hide in their warm hides for about 2 days digesting. After this they typically retreat to their cool hides to conserve energy only coming out at night to briefly explore and drink. By day 5 they are in ambush mode and will sit with their heads alert watching everything. Periodically they will change ambush sites. Somewhere between here and days 7-10, the snakes are ou during daytime, basking and roaming, looking for food. I ussually let this go a day or two, then I feed them. Moral of the story, keep good records of you snake at first, and do not worry if he does not want food yet. If you observe, you can learn to read when he is hungry. You do need to keep in mind that temps are so important. A little too hot or a little too cold can mess with your snakes appetite.
  3. TDR

    TDR Active Member

    I jus brought him July 8th so they told me he's dating every 2 weeks since he's already basically fully grown . So I've kept to that schedule . As far as his temps there usually 84-87 during the day dropping to 75-77 at night he almost always stays burried in his aspen tho . Like I said the other boa I have which I've had since birth nd she is now 4 months old is a beautiful feeder . He just gives me so much trouble . I can't seem to read him . I mean after 24 days I would imagine he would be starving and he just seemed so uninterested . He ate but still ; idk
  4. TDR

    TDR Active Member

    ** eating

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