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Sleepy Dragon

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by commander1337, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. commander1337

    commander1337 Active Member

    My 4 year old female dragon has been resting with her eyes closed for long periods of time the past few days. She did just have eggs a week ago and she is about to shed so I think that may be contributing to her sleepyness but just wondering if thats normal.

    I just moved her into a new enclosure but she doesn't seem stressed at all if anything she seems to really enjoy it. She is eating just fine and otherwise looking really healthy. Heat/humidity are perfect (75 bottm of tank 85 in the middle 98 basking area 60%-80% humidity)
    So I'm sure shes just fine and probably growing just want to make sure!

    Also pics of her new set up!
    It has a rain system, waterfall, everything running on timers, l.e.d color changing backlight, real and fake plants. It's pretty amazing my dad built it for me. He is a master of tanks haha.

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  2. commander1337

    commander1337 Active Member

    Any ideas? She still seems more sleepy then usual.

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