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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Rich, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I have recieved several suggestions from members over the past year but I have been extremely busy with work, working on other websites and starting new ventures. I was able to dedicate some time and toss together a few of the features that members have requested.

    A common suggestion was the profile pages. The text within the tabs on the profile pages would stack themselves as a result of the text that described the tabs. i have gone ahead and implemented fontawesome icons in lieu of the text and the tabs are now cleaned up. I will be implementing some other changes on the profiles but I was able to attack that mess with a pretty straightforward response. Some of the other features are going to take some time. lol

    Members have asked for a way to donate like we use to have. it wasn't a priority for the site and I never reinstated any type of means to donate when we launched the new software. I went ahead and took care of that as well. Members who have wished to donate can now do so here: Support What Matters

    We also re-established the member subscription service. You can learn about member subscriptions here: Premium Member Benefits

    FYI: Herp Center is not a cheap website to keep online. I pay for hosting costs, certification fees, renewals, software licenses, add-ons, etc. This all comes from my pocket for the most part.

    We have re-established the off-topic forums. Those members in the Elite usergroup or those who are subscribed can access them. I will be creating a section on the homepage that will allow those with the proper permissions to see recent discussions in the off-topic forums within their own module.

    I also made a handful of minor changes that don't need mentioning since many of you wouldn't even realize the changes were made. lol (SEO stuff.)
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