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Simple Humidity and Temp Gauge

Discussion in 'Electricity/Wiring' started by Mrose199, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Mrose199

    Mrose199 Member

    This is my first time owning a reptile, a ball python to be exact, and so I am learning what works and doesn't work! I currently have two analog gauges that tell humidity and temp in my snake tank (on opposite sides). Clearly that is not the way to go. I am convinced both are extremely inaccurate and they only take the ambient air temp! Not so helpful. I would like to get a digital gauge but I do not want to waste my money.

    What is the best humidity and temperature gauge I could buy for the best price? I want one that is accurate, not too complicated to use (but I could probably figure it out) and one that I wont have problems with two months later. I don't have a huge amount of money to spend on this but if there was some holy grail of a thermometer I could be flexible.

    So please, let me know! Maybe ones you use, or have used. Ones to stay away from, a good brand, what I should look for, a specific gauge, anything really! I just want one that works!

    Thank you!:)
  2. Gaaaaaaaaaard

    Gaaaaaaaaaard Elite Member

    I'm not a fan of any zoo med stuff really. I personally use a zilla temp/humidity combo. It's nothing fancy but it had a few more features than some of the others like day min/max, a clock, an alarm, and the temp/humidity which are displayed simultaneously.
  3. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    AcuRite indoor outdoor thermometers with remote probe. Available at Hardware stores and Wal-Mart.
  4. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    Merlin beat me to it, but I too use the accurites, which can be had a walmart or lowes. They have a unit that just does temperature and humidity for 8-10 bucks, and one that has an additional wired probe for temperature for about 12. For basking sites and hot spots I use an infrared temp gun, available from most hardware stores for around 25 dollars or so. Not a necessity, but nice to have.

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