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Silly Ember

Discussion in 'Blood Pythons' started by sixfootbunny, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. sixfootbunny

    sixfootbunny Active Member

    I thought I would share this story, I had my big boy Ember out with me, my legs were elevated as I was sitting in a chair. her body stretched out on my legs and head on my stomach. I moved a tad bit and he got up almost in a cobra stance look at me and hissed and went back down to lay on my stomach. I was left speechless as I am trying to figure out that really just happened. I thought it was a funny story hope you enjoyed.
  2. CdnBlood

    CdnBlood Member

    Bloods spook easily, and if this was something that happened at night, you have your answer - it got spooked. Shadows at night combined with movements they aren't expecting can *really* get them on edge. Be thankful the thing didn't decide to defend itself even though there was no real threat.

    It's rare that I'll take one of my Bloods out at night simply because they *do* spook so easily. They're very alert during evening/night hours and it only takes one wrong move to get them started, so I tend to try to only spend time with them during daylight hours.

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