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Silicone Help...

Discussion in 'HH General Discussion' started by OEW, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. OEW

    OEW Elite Member

    I'm finding a whole lot of conflicting information regarding silicone used in terrariums, so I wanted to post here to find out once and for all.

    I'm tiling my bearded dragons new tank and I'm going to silicone all the cracks in the tiles.

    Now, I've read that as far as GE goes, silicone I is better. I've also read silicone II is better. I've read that both are bad. I don't even know what to do!

    This is the silicone I bought. I made sure to not get one labeled for kitchens and baths. However, in the specifications, it states it is mildew resistant.

    In some places I've read that silicone I has a strong smell for a long time, whereas silicone II doesn't. They also make a window/attic/basement one in the II, just like the silicone I.

    The GE is the most readily available in the hardware store. I've also looked for DAP but haven't been able to find the appropriate kind.

    I was going to silicone the tiles today, so now I'm going to wait and see if I should go return the tubes I bought and get something different. Any input is appreciated...
  2. OEW

    OEW Elite Member

    Ok, no one...?

    Well, I ended up using the GE I white silicone I bought. It's been two days and the smell is still reeeally strong. Would it perhaps help if I put on a heat lamp to dispel the smell quicker or...?
  3. justor

    justor Elite Member

    GE I is better than GE II because of the mold inhibitors. In the past I have used ace hardware brand 100% silicone.

    I would leave it out in the sun to let it dry quicker, but a heat lamp could be used as well.
  4. RomanLA

    RomanLA Elite Member

    I read on this like crazy and there are so many conflicting views. The clear GE I and II for windows and doors is recommended and which web site you look at will determine which one you will be told doesn't have mold inhibitors. I pulled up a site at Home Depot when I was buying mine and ended up with GE II, but I was using it to seal stuff on the outside of my enclosure. Another funny thing is as much as people say you have to use clear, you'll find tons of people using brown or black for making vines or building backgrounds.

    I used aquarium sealant for everything inside my enclosure. Home Depot had some made by DAP in a small metal tube that was a real pain to squeeze out and relatively expensive. Petsmart had some in a plastic tube that I thought would be easier to squeeze out, but I didn't end up needing it. If you go online, you can find regular tubes for caulking guns for about the same price as the little tubes they sell locally.

    Definitely, start running your heat and lights to burn off the smells as quickly as possible. I waited a week on mine, but like I said that was for aquarium sealant, which is supposed to be good to go in a day or so. I think the typical recommendation is 2 weeks. I guess it's your call on whether to trust the white GE I or not. Hope this helped in some small way.
  5. OEW

    OEW Elite Member

    I've read that, but like I said, the GE I I bought says it's mold/mildew resistant..

    There's literally so much contradictory information on this out there... Lol. Thank you very much.
  6. MoskiWoski

    MoskiWoski Elite Member

    A actually called GE the other day. I'd been hearing conflicting things too. They said the mold inhibitor is toxic, and the product is not food safe. So I suppose if they ingested it, it'd be bad news. I wasn't willing to risk it. I had just used the GE Silicone II. I cut it all out, scraped the glass with a razor blade, washed the tank, and bought the DAP Aquarium Silicone. It was a lot of work, but for the time and money involved with this hobby, the GE had to go. I'd rather remove silicone than a carcus.
  7. OEW

    OEW Elite Member

    Was that in regards to the GE II that you were using or all their products in general? I don't have the tube handy right now but I remember it saying something about being food safe...could be wrong though.
  8. RomanLA

    RomanLA Elite Member

    If I remember correctly, they don't all say mold inhibitor, but all of them have it now...from reading about another call to GE somewhere when I was researching. Aquarium sealant is definitely your safest bet!
  9. MoskiWoski

    MoskiWoski Elite Member

    I had the GE II. That's what I called about. The girl said it is not food safe and has the inhibitor. Even though this is NOT clearly stated. If it is food/aquarium safe, it will say so obviously on the packaging or the tube. They're going to want you to know exactly why it's costing you more money. All of the silicone, INCLUDING the stuff with the inhibitor, said 100% silicone. So the inhibitor silicone must be like 101% total. Haha.
  10. MoskiWoski

    MoskiWoski Elite Member

    It's your call, but I wouldn't use it. And I noticed that the aquarium silicone cured really quick compared to the GE. I did it in the morning, and when I came home in the evening I put my nose right up to it and couldn't smell it. I had my heat running. And the next day, not even a trace of smell. Also, it was thick, and went on great. The GE seemed a little thinner to me. Plus with the heat, it stunk up that section of the room. Strong smelling stuff.

    I would suggest to just do the extra work, cut out the GE, and get the aquarium stuff. It's like 5 bucks. How much did your reptile and the entire setup cost? Not to mention the time involved. You'd be so bummed if something happened, especially if you could have prevented it.
  11. Vers

    Vers Elite Member

    This is where the ancient Chinese proverb '更好的安全比遗憾' or 'Better safe than sorry' comes in to play. Use products that you know will be safe, like aquarium grade silicone and or 100% silicone without mold inhibitors. Never trust 'I have been using [product] forever with no problems' because that may simply translate to 'I've been poisoning my animals forever with no problems'.
  12. OEW

    OEW Elite Member

    Okay, I'll just get rid of it. Anyone have any tips on cutting it out?
  13. gpolkin

    gpolkin Well-Known Member

    I also could not find large tubes of aquarium grade silicone locally. I ended up buying a couple of large tubes from here.

    Shipping is free if you drop $49 bucks on other stuff.


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