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Discussion in 'Rhacodactylus' started by tink, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. tink

    tink Elite Member

    I'll try to make a long story short.
    So a few years ago getting outta high school and getting a job promotion and all I started to decrease my animal collection pretty much. I work at a pet store so one of my friends there said she would take my Crested Gecko. As she was a year old and had everything and they are pretty easy to care for.
    So I let her have her and a month later she gave her to my boss, because she was 'bored' with her.
    I got her at the all Ohio reptile show back in 05 and she always had eating problems. She would NEVER eat baby food or the trex diet made stuff. So I would have to force feed the diet stuff weekly and she would eat crickets and bananas.
    So anyways eight months later my boss slips to me that she gave her to her sister and her kid plays too rough with her.
    Oh and she only gets crickets every other week.
    So yeah I threw a fit and wanted her back. Seems funny all like six animals I gave away I ended up back with, lol. But she didn't wanna give her back.
    Well two weeks later she was 'weak' and decided to give her to me. So when I got her it was at work and she was sooooo skinny. Her back bone by the tail was showing. She couldn't stick to anything at all. Her tail was floppy. Her toes were curled. She had skin patches from a recent bad shed. She wasn't the right color. And she has an over bite. And a huge lump on her chin.
    I literally cried. Blaming myself. So I take her home. Six minutes home and I get home and I could swear shes dead. Shes not moving. Hard. And just flips over.
    But I see her breathe and soaked her. Idk it is was all the stress or what, but to this day it's a miracle she's alive.
    So anyways it's been three months now. She's an excellent weight. She's loves that diet stuff now! And her tail is no longer floppy. And she sleeps hanging on the glass!
    So I realized some things can be perm, but will her jaw always be underbite? I never really had reptile problems so I don't know? Also what is the huge lump hanging off her chin? It's like a knot, like a tumor, and it just hangs, its pretty big too. Prob an inch.
    I've read and seen things were maybe it's a vitamin deficiency or something?
    Who knows what was going on. I just know she's doing great now and I'm happy to have her back.
    I thought about taking her to a vet, but we don't really have any good reptile ones here. And I'm scared they will say put her down or something.
    So, thanks for listening to my story. And any idea what it could be?
  2. jfogle78

    jfogle78 Elite Member

    Unfortunately it may become permanent. You said she was being played with rough by kids, maybe in her weakened state they caused an injury to her jaw. She might have been in the very begining stages of metabolic bone disease.
  3. labelleninirose

    labelleninirose Elite Member

    wow what a story! I'm happy she came back to you!!!
  4. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    I think jfogle thought exactly what I was. And as long as its not impeding her eating, she should be fine.
  5. tink

    tink Elite Member

    Thats what I'm thinking. It hasn't got worse though.
    Plus with her never eating right.
    It's so weird though, because she never ate the good stuff until she came back to me. So, now she's finally on a good diet and such.
    Do you think it hurts?
    I'm pretty sure it couldn't be removed. It's too long to close to her throat.
    But it doesn't effect cricket catching or anything at all!

    Thanks guys!!
  6. belle

    belle Elite Member

    Sounds like she's in a much better home!

    I don't think a vet is going to tell you to put her down. I would think it would be important to get her to one anyway, being her treatment before you got her. There's so much that we don't know that a vet has been trained to recognize or advise on.

    Cresteds can live for a very long time. I think it's important that you get her a checkup!
  7. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    get me a pic of her throat tumor thing, your own or googled. I had a Tokay with a big lump on it's lower jaw that sounds a lot like what your crested has, and it ended up falling off (long story) and he healed just fine, with a little scar.
  8. Drache Dame

    Drache Dame Elite Member

    It sounds like it could possibly have been the beginning of Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) but it could be a number of other things as well. You're lucky that her tail is no longer floppy because floppy tail is usually permanent.
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